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  1. dchestnut

    1998 KX60 Pre-mix ratio

    Thanks again. I guess I'm off to get some pre-mix after work and mix up a jug.
  2. dchestnut

    Holding it down for KX's in desert racing

    Cool! Maybe I'll see you out there if I get down there March 30th. I'll keep an eye out for 247x. My D37 number is V11x but I'll end up with a pie plate # since I'll be out of my district.
  3. dchestnut

    1998 KX60 Pre-mix ratio

    Thanks guys! Would it hurt to just stick to 32:1 even if he is just putting around for now? Would 32:1 be too rich and constantly be fouling plugs? He's a pretty aggressive kid and I'm sure will be having it pinned in no time.
  4. dchestnut

    Holding it down for KX's in desert racing

    Was that at a D38 event? The terrain looks like it's down in the area of El Centro. I race D37 but am hoping to come down to the national this year. And nice bike! The versatility you mention is pretty impressive. I ride a CRF250x and it's not too hot on a MX track. But then again, that's not what the x was ever intended for.
  5. dchestnut

    1998 KX60 Pre-mix ratio

    Hello everybody. My son has been riding his CRF50 for quite some time but has outgrown it and the district 37 club we are in is letting up borrow the "club kids bike", a KX60. I asked one of the guys what the fuel mixture is and he said "I think it's 40:1, something like that.". I would like to know if this is correct or not. As far as I know, the ratio is pretty critical. This is our first 2 stroke so it's ALL new to me. Also, any tips on how to teach my son CORRECTLY how to ride a 2 stroke? I've been on thumpers my entire riding life and he has been on his CRF50, so this little KX60 seems very different. I think I'm going to put a fresh top end in as well as some new tires and tubes for starters. Any tips, advice, etc., will be GREATLY appreciated. Like I said before, it's all new to me. Thanks in advance, Dan
  6. dchestnut

    To All Ktm Riders

    KTM had a demo ride at the 100's National Hare & Hound out here in So Cal. I had the chance to ride the 450exc. I wanted to ride the 250xcw but the sign-up list was booked solid on that bike. I'm already fairly set on my next bike being the KTM250xcw-e. It will be the replacement for my current race bike (CRF250x). It will be wierd going from a 4-stroke to a 2-stroke but I'm tired of getting my rear handed to me by the 2-stroke 250's that run in my class.
  7. Freakin awesome track! I'd love to have something like that in my back yard. California sucks since I have no yard what so ever.
  8. dchestnut

    AMA d37 web site

    Thursday night or Friday night, depending on if I can get Friday off or not. Friday night at the latest though. I can't wait, 3 weeks of not riding is getting painful, I'm going to be Jello for Saturdays race.
  9. dchestnut

    AMA d37 web site

    Yep. I pitted for our club since my bike is down at the moment. I'm working on having it up and running by Checkers. I've got an '07 head ported with S/S valves on order. This should hopefully solve my dang 250X problems. Do you think you'll make it out to Checkers?
  10. dchestnut

    National Hare and Hound;2-11-07

    That was a stupid thing to do, Shawn. You probably would have finished sooner and ridden faster if you hadn't broken it off. I like to leave my on so I have something to stand on...
  11. dchestnut

    AMA d37 web site

    I've heard it was taken over with some spyware bug. I'm going through withdrawals, especially since the National just happened.
  12. dchestnut

    Rooster vs Flatland Radiator Braces

    Has anybody tried the Moose Racing Radiator Guards? Do you like them/hate them?
  13. dchestnut

    Honda 250X vs. Yamaha 250 WRF - purchase decision?

    Did you just say "Now that Honda has reliability back on its side"??? BS. I run the D37 desert series and blew threw 4 sets of intake valves last season on my '06. That is with staying away from the rev limiter and trying my best to avoid over-rev in the whoops. I just put in ANOTHER set of valves on December 28th to get through our work weekend ribboning the course for the race we host in January. I'll see how these ones hold up after the Enduro in late January, but I definitely wouldn't say Honda has "Solved the problem". I believe it when I can go through 6 races on one set of valves, which is LESS then 500 miles.
  14. dchestnut

    Gorman Rescue Ride Adventure

    From the Gorman OHV area (lets say at the powerline camp), how do I go about getting to the mountains? I've been up to Gorman many times, but have never seen any mountains, just the over used trails that work their way around the park.
  15. dchestnut

    sound test