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  1. 2wheeltyson

    Bought new 2013 kx 250f. Should I...

    I've been waiting for mine since Aug. 30th. It's not a very well thought out promotion. Like others have said theres no paperwork. But worst yet is here in Michigan you can't legally trail ride the bike with the stock exhaust, so you have to wait a month to ride your brand new bike!!!
  2. 2wheeltyson


    The trail was closed close to the hill, but the reopened dozer trail was closer to M-33 parking.
  3. 2wheeltyson

    Michigan Bullgap?

    Why are they destroying bullgap? I went there last week and the A loop was destroyed, like they took a bulldozer threw to make it wide enough for side x sides. They also had a large portion closed (due to unsafe conditions) maybe where they were dozing at the time???? If they keep dozing the trails maybe they should change the name to Bullcrap!!!!
  4. 2wheeltyson

    Riding week of the 4th - Rose City, Mio...

    i'm going to try to make it too!!! depending how long it takes me to get up from redbud, i might be tired???
  5. 2wheeltyson

    Questions about new cylinder head

    when i ordered oem heads for my yz250f, and crf450 they both came with guides and seats installed. but i wouldn't know about my rmz because it hasn't needed the head rebuilt....
  6. looks like crank failure.....mine just let go @ 50.5 hrs on the meter.
  7. 2wheeltyson

    08 RMZ 250 - 380ml of fork oil - hard forks!!

    the stock showa springs have notches in them to indicate what the springrate is.
  8. 2wheeltyson

    Finally a nice day to get the bike out

    what does the bung in the exhaust hook to and test?
  9. 2wheeltyson

    What sag you guys like to run (07+)

    i don't race SX only MX but i think the rmz has plenty of steering as is. i run my forks down in the clamps and 110+ sag for more stability (and help not tucking the front)
  10. 2wheeltyson

    Michigan West Branch MX track

    Anybody here anything about the MX track bieng built in Westbranch off skipark rd ? It doesn't look done yet but there was someone riding it last weekend.
  11. 2wheeltyson

    PW50: Photo of Throttle Cable

    if the cable is adjusted correctly it wont just fall out (you'd have to physicly pull it out) because the carb and oil pump return springs hold it tight. check that there isn't play in either the throttle to carb cable or to pump cable.
  12. 2wheeltyson

    07 rmz backfire

    go up 1 size on your pilot jet.
  13. 2wheeltyson

    rmz 250 for son?

    I'm 5'5 and ride a '08 rmz250. i shaved 1" off the seat but it fits me better than my '01 yz250f and my 04 crf450. all my bikes get the seats shaved a little. i still can't touch both feet on the ground, but never have and never will?
  14. 2wheeltyson

    05 rmz 250 cuts out when it gets hot

    could be as easy as a bad breather on the tank vent. or as hard as a bad coil (they're know to test bad only when hot)
  15. 2wheeltyson

    2007 RM-Z250 Stalls when landing a jump once it's hot

    sounds like the bike is overheating alltogether. and the tank builds pressure when the heat rising from the engine boils the gas. check your coolant and waterpump.