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  1. ryno29

    04 wr450 wiring woes

    After chasing down a factory kill switch, and factory light switch, I am on the way. I still have no light on the main ignition switch when the battery is hooked up, and no power from the main starter relay. I just put new relays (both of them) in, as well as new fuses. I've checked the wiring, nothing is pinched. I've disconnected the clutch switch at the connector, does that disable it, or is there something more I need to do? I have a ZipTy blockoff plate on order. My next step is to put on new diodes (both of them) and then go from there. Any suggestions??
  2. ryno29

    04 wr450 wiring woes

    After going through the stickys or "pinned" threads, no mention of a pdf file, or a diagram. I've got the factory manual for the bike, but the diagram in there is basic, and doesn't show pathways. Anybody have a stock 04 they don't mind taking a picture of the wiring behind the front headlight?
  3. ryno29

    04 wr450 wiring woes

    Hi guys- I am re-doing the wiring on an 04 wr450f. Had a Baja Designs kit on it, hackjob. Returning everything to stock. Behind the front headlight, on the right side (looking at the bike) are two connectors. One has two black wires coming out the top, the other a black/white stripe, and a green/ yellow stripe. The black/black connector is on the outside. Any help as to where these 4 wires go would be greatly appreciated, as the factory wiring diagram leaves much to be desired.
  4. ryno29

    CLR on cr250 radiators?

    Hi guys- I have a 96 cr250 that overheated, and blew the head gasket. Part of the problem was me getting greedy and running the bike lean. (44-1). The other is the age of the radiators. Anyone ever soak them in CLR? I was going to mix it something like 5-1 or maybe 10-1. Should clean them up pretty well. Prior to this, the bike had never let me down in the 14 years of owning it, and beating the tar out of it in the desert. This is also why I can't fathom owning a 4 stroke.
  5. ryno29

    1992 cr250

    I bought a complete '01 top end off Ebay. The difference is power overall, and the top end. My 94 was great, the '01 is a little more on top, but you can still lug it around in the lower gears...It's the only bike I've ridden where I can do that, and it won't stall, and quit. God help my friends if I ever get a new bike. I also have '96 plastics on mine with all the goodies.
  6. ryno29

    H20 pump changes 94-97?

    Hi guys- Is anyone knowledge able about case changes from 1994-1997? I need a new waterpump on my 94, and saw Boyesen has the whole kit, but it says for 97-01. Did the case change that much? I'm running an 01' cylinder and head on my 94 bottom end now. Any info would be great! Ryan
  7. ryno29

    01 cr250 top end rebuild

    it should move with the head on or off. If the head is on, and it doesn't want to move, the ports are being clogged up. Did the cylinder ports get cleaned out?
  8. ryno29

    cr250 light?

    Anybody have a cr250, with a headlight, years 92-01? I need to know how it was done, and how it works. Any info is appreciated, night rides are the best!
  9. Good luck welding it. You'd be better off to buy a whole new case 1/2.
  10. ryno29

    1991 cr250r exhaust/sprocket question

    15/48 is fine, and will max out your top end. If the exhaust is smashed pretty good, either find a pipe and silencer on ebay, or buy new, either way. Repack the silencer @ the minimum. Next time you do a top end rebuild, look for a 96 or 01 head and cylinder, those are the big power years.
  11. ryno29

    500cc in 2000 Cr 250???

    That's why banned is a much better site. No attitude, and Service Honda can't say squat. the gen2 (00-01) frames are the hardest of the 3 generations of CR's to change from what i've seen. You'd be better off finding a 99. No cutting of the frame, just the front two mounts. Shanman sells the whole swap kit, pretty simple.
  12. ryno29

    Buy the '87 or '94 CR500 ??

    The 94 is a better bike all around. Honda did some of their best work from 94-96. The bikes were/ still are incredible. If you can find a 96, the gears are wider ratio, and all things match up with the cr250 until 01. I sold my 94, worst decision I have ever made.
  13. ryno29

    94-96 Body Panels/ Number Plates???

    I'm very impartial to Acerbis, always have been. The side panel has a different look for 95-96, But looks like it will bolt up. I will check part numbers for the airbox tonight.
  14. I have a 94 CR250, that is due for new side number plates/ panels. Will 96 Plastic fit? I have compared the two from pictures, and it looks like it will work. Anyone done this? 96 plastic is easy to find, 94, not so much. Thanks!
  15. ryno29

    2001 rear number plate conversion

    You have to get an O2 airbox, and it will work, also with a new fender. I'm looking for an O1 right now, already have all the 02 parts to change it over. You do need to get some small metal strap to move the mounts over about 1/2"