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  1. HappyG

    150R motor in a big bike frame?

    I think a 150r in a crf250r frame would be a reasonable project. I'd like to be the second to try it if we can find the first.
  2. HappyG

    Vintage / Post-Vintage MX Fun

    hmmm... I walked into my dealer, and bought the first one he had, wasnt even looking to buy that day. i was just a novice rider. cost me 2 bill's tho, when an mx or an elsie could be had for $1200.
  3. HappyG

    Best bike of the 80's

    I had an 82 rm250 and an 86 cr250. both were considered ahead of their time. wish I still had the 82.
  4. HappyG

    Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??

    that's gear, apparel then, something you wear vs mechanical equipment.
  5. HappyG

    Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??

    yes, Moto x Fox was selling gear way before equipment.
  6. if you are accident prone outside of riding. chances are you will be accident prone riding. if you do things out of your comfort zone or over your ability on a normal basis, then theres a good chance you will eventually try things outside your comfort zone or above your ability riding.
  7. jt, jim Davis made some that were popular in the 70's that looked simular.
  8. HappyG

    2016 Yamaha YZ125 ride impressions

    if I was under 200#s, I'd so buy a 125, still might
  9. HappyG


    not counting back up bike, actual spares "on the shelf". everything cept frame, tank, airbox. easy way is find a roller to strip.
  10. HappyG

    Bultaco Pursang

    that must have been one hell of a 10 minute ride.
  11. HappyG

    What’s it worth?

    with an airbox and oem sideplates I would say 1800-2000 not knowing what and how the engine was done. looks like a clean runner, but not really "restored" or "finshed".
  12. HappyG

    Is a 2005 crf450r a good bike?

    Going to thread jack of sorts, Anything to be gained from buying a 2008 roller and transferring my 05 engine (lots of pro circuit parts) and 05 suspension (diamond kit that I love on the 05 frame). So basically frame, swingarm differences between 05 and 08? Thank you and sorry.
  13. I saw a video long ago of a crf150r engine in a crf250 frame. I would think that would be easier to fit. 4 stroke engine in a 4 stroke cradle.
  14. HappyG

    Where can I get my swingarm extended?

    Me too please!