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  1. that must have been one hell of a 10 minute ride.
  2. with an airbox and oem sideplates I would say 1800-2000 not knowing what and how the engine was done. looks like a clean runner, but not really "restored" or "finshed".
  3. Going to thread jack of sorts, Anything to be gained from buying a 2008 roller and transferring my 05 engine (lots of pro circuit parts) and 05 suspension (diamond kit that I love on the 05 frame). So basically frame, swingarm differences between 05 and 08? Thank you and sorry.
  4. I saw a video long ago of a crf150r engine in a crf250 frame. I would think that would be easier to fit. 4 stroke engine in a 4 stroke cradle.
  5. Me too please!
  6. Where are these extensions available from? Does anybody still fab these up? Haven't heard from the old timers in a long time.
  7. Sava made it look worse than it was by trying to pin the throttle, probably with hope of taking them both out.
  8. Hannah said he got paid in an interview.
  9. Yeah, Hannah got his "win" bonus for pulling over.
  10. I guess you got it wired now.
  11. I've been doing that to all my bikes since the 70's. valve covers, heads, clutch covers, stator covers. Just my ID I guess, people know thats my bikes, some are powder coated, some paint. Ignition covers are black also, just don't have a picture of that side.
  12. Does a shock from a 2010/11 crf250 fit on a 05-07 cr250?
  13. You specified a 2 stroke. I'm assuming you had no problems clearing all those with a 4 stroke. Just find the correct gear to be in the fat part of the power band and it's pretty much the same. If you have specific jumps that you are trying to clear, you may have to change your gearing to suit those jumps till you have more confidence. If you weren't able to clear them with a 4 stroke, then you just have to get more seat time.
  14. I think mx action did that with a Honda, don't remember which, but it was in the 20k range.
  15. I grease mine now and then when I have it off. Still on the original 01. Same on all my bikes. Still have my original on an 86.