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  1. TT~ I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good dirtbiking GPS unit to buy for singletrack and Mexico rides. I'm interested in the best value for the best unit, hopefully one that mounts well to the bike and comes with software to download to my laptop?? Any suggestions? Thanks, Erik.
  2. HELP~ what's the best (and closest) riding to LA, and can you tell me how to get there? Looking for good, legal singletrack close to Santa Monica to be exact. I've been all over Gorman and to the Pirute Track. Thanks. Erik.
  3. Just returned from an incredible trip that took me from Ensenada to Pirates Cove down the coast on Saturday, and over to the El Coyote and Mike's Sky Ranches on Sunday before heading back into town to get back up to LA. It made for a very easy turnaround guided trip with over 450 miles of singletrack/ and trail seat time! Definitely recommend it!!
  4. I know this has probably been asked a TON, but I may have some components that are a little different. I've got a 2002 KTM 520 exc that I bought out of Canada. I got it plated and registered street legal in Arizona back in 2004. Now, I live in California, and wanted to see if there were any pointers on trying to get it street legal here. In Arizona, the only things I needed were a temp rearview mirror and brake light. Is there any way to just transfer plates over to California, or is it all a lost cause? Thank you, Erik.undefined