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  1. I'm not sure of what watt bulbs , it's what ever come with the black mamba headlight. I think the low beams (2 outside bulbs)are two 20W? and the high beams are two 35W?(2 outside bulbs) so with all 4 on for high beam it's about 110watts.
  2. Here is the link with the instructions to use a diode. I got mine at Radio Shack , a package of 3 diodes was only a few bucks, I only needed 1 so if need be I can send somebody one. No problem at all at idle,but my bike is on low beam during the day. http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=62894&highlight=wiring+black+mamba
  3. I've had my Black Mamba wired up with a diode as a jumper which makes my low beam the 2 outside lights , and high beam all 4 . I haven't had any problems yet and I've been running it like that for about 2 weeks, mostly low beam though. High beam is really bright now. Anyone else running this setup with problems?
  4. hurld

    DRZ Backfiring when starting

    Mine does this once in awhile also , never did it before the 3x3 and rejet. It runs awesome though.
  5. hurld

    SM jet kit install Ride Review and ??

    I would like to know also. I'm at 1400ft with the exact same setup?! I don't have the off idle bog, but it does seem flat on top a little.
  6. Ok jetting went well considering it was my first time . The little o-ring on top by the blader had me scratching my head for a little while,but I figured out where it went. My setup is : SM specific DynoJetkit, 3x3 airbox , drilled exhaust tip,Elev 1500ft, Dj slide spring , Dj needle(reused all stock spacers),150main, 25 pilot, 2 1/2 turns out on fuel screw, clip on 2nd from top flat end of needle. Runs great on bottom,but seems to be lacking a little on top(may just be me) Do you think I'm to rich on top? The reason I ask is it no longer pops(exhaust) at all on decelaration, stock it popped pretty good. Don't get me wrong it runs and idles much better. Just need to get used to the new sound with the 3x3 I guess. Thanks for the help Eddie (think Ive read about 2000 of your 28000 posts)
  7. Thanks for the help, when I get the money saved up I'll be getting ahold of you for more HP!
  8. Well I did it I ordered the DJ Sm Jetkit. I've searched a ton of threads,but the more I search the more confused I get. What main jet should I run with the Sm specific jet kit? I plan on the 3x3 , 25 pilot, 2 1/2 turns out on fuel screw, is the 150 main a good place to start? Or because of the new needle should the Main jet be smaller than stock? Alt. 1500ft, stock exhaust(drilled end cap) Thanks for any help! Oh and by the way this site RULES!!
  9. hurld

    Any known issues with stock clutch?

    Where are you from in NY? Had trouble adjusting my clutch on my sm also,(not enough adjustment) Until I adjusted the main adjuster on the cable(6" down the cable from the perch with rubber tubing covering it) , not the one on the clutch perch. Everything is fine now I like mine with 3/4" to 1" of free play in it. Are you sure your out of adjustment length? Man you guys type fast . Looks like my dog in your avatar. JR Terror?
  10. hurld

    Another DRC tail light tread

    No just made my own Alum. bracket and mounted the stock flashers, just wish they were a little shorter
  11. hurld

    Another DRC tail light tread

  12. hurld

    Another DRC tail light tread

    The grip pads go on your grips to prevent blisters on your thumps, I put the ones that came with my order on my 5 yr old daughters bike to save on all the bandaids she was going through. If you wear gloves like most people you shouldn't need them. Did you get the plastic or metal mount with the tail light?