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  1. Wow I never noticed they were handlebar mounted. OR is it just wrong on there and on lifan's website?
  2. Obviously size matters.....Can't we all just get along....bore and stroke calculators are abundant on the internet for those who feel like figuring out eh actual displacement that is assuming the specs listed are true as even that comes into doubt in most of the chinese bike listings.
  3. What's the top speed and cuising speed of your 150? I do like the look of the 150's also. Does it feel underpowered at all or couldn't get up any hills you have tried?
  4. Not sure if the 125cc engine is the same and it's not listed here yet but this is the brand my local dealer sells. They are overpriced but there website has some good resources. They just listed several bikes over the past week or so...maybe the 125cc manual will get posted soon to help you.
  5. I just looked it up so I don't know anything about them but man it looks real nice. Care to enlighten us about them?
  6. I think that pictures on most sites are definitely getting dated. On roketa's main site they list the db06 as having dual disks and inverted forks so I am assuming if you ask the dealer you order from they either have it in stock or are dropshipping from the manufacturer. five flags in pensacola told me that the db06 did have inverted forks and dual disks and that he drop ships from both roketa and lifan.
  7. It's because the two black and gray(db05 and db06) ones are dot/epa approved and not the two red ones(db07 and db07a). As to if that matters with your dmv I have no idea. has some more info on the four models. The only other dot/epa approved bikes I have seen are the lifan 200gy-2 and 200gy-5 from
  8. Crimp fitting tend to fail eventually. Solder with shrink wrap is the way to go.
  9. Thats also known as a Roketa DB-06 from they have changed the model name now but it was db-06. I don't know who manufactures it however. An exceptionally nice dealer in Fla told me about 1500 shipped to my door for one. I am just still deciding between that, a lifan, or getting a xr250 and putting on a dualsport kit. has a good pic
  10. Just fyi about the forks... One way to find some dealers close to you is not only email the company but also I found a Roketa dealer who also sells lifan through roketa's dealer locator. Still looking myself and about to pull the trigger one of these days when I get all this armor stuff figured out.
  11. A guy is trying to sell one around here for 1895. He imported like 28 of them a year ago so I know he paid prob half of that. I haven't haggled with him just yet but might just go buy a brand new one rather than haggle.
  12. The closest places to you that I have heard about are timberlanes in wesson and the delta national forest. I haven't been to either yet but as soon as I get a d/s thats where I am heading.
  13. Hey thats good to hear I was probably going to try to plate it in madison. I haven't bought it or any others yet because I was trying to figure out what all is involved. Gotgear told me that all you needed was a title then get it inspected and of course if a bought one of their bikes it would get titled no prob. Where is MHP located? I don't know if I should talk to them or that tax place where you get tags.
  14. Anybody around? Ever tried to get a wr426 or anything else plated?