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  1. you do know its Practically the same motor
  2. the spec. on the head studs is a bit low . i suggest you take it up to 42 ft lb
  3. do you have a side grinder ? cut it !
  4. seams to me you can get just the rubber through Yamaha parts
  5. spark plug wet ?
  6. sounds like you are saying the crank will not rotate ?
  7. St. Anthony Sand Dunes 10,600 acres of sand ..................yeah you did all that in 20 minuets Little Sahara sand dunes 60,000 acres of sand dunes and you did that in 20 minuets
  8. turn the gas on
  9. it would seams you all are a bunch of bench warmers
  10. any one what to share a ride out and back to UT or ID. I want to go ride that big but cant do it by my self . most likely this trip will be in June some one from Michigan, Ohio ,Indiana works best for me .
  11. It's better to look back on life and say: "I can't believe I did that." than to look back and say "I wish I did that." I my self i want to go to the dunes but I cant do it by my self have you ever wanted to go ride the big dunes in Idaho or Utah ? what i'm asking is , who wants to go to the big dunes ? some one from Michigan, Ohio ,Indiana works best for me . we share the price of the gas to get out there and back , with 3 riders it gets very affordable
  12. getting guys to go on ride trips is like pulling teeth . I have tried for years to get even 1 or 2 guys to commit to ride the sand in ID or UT no take ers
  13. yeah the 03-04 is different from the latter years . as often as I see ltz's being parted out that part should be easy to find
  14. notthing wrong with the 41 but i'd go with the 39
  15. i know your pain . i have tryed many times to find some one to go on atv trips , mostly to the western states to ride the big sand . i take my truck & trailer and camping stuff . all i ask is to split the cost of thee gas to get out there and back .