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  1. hey dan, it is sikk(the crf 250f) . the yoshis give it soo much power. i am also bringing my 85 to rocky this weekend and cant wait to see you there.........remember, if you dont do it, i will go roght over your head
  2. Hey Everyone That Rides At Rocky Hill..........its Openin On Saturday April First. Look For A Crf 250 And A Cr85 Doin The 110 Foot Double In The Back If Its Still There. Tony Edits Every Year And Likes That Jump, But He Still Could Change It(anyone That Does It Watch Out! Dont Do It The First Lap. He Couldve Changed The Jumps After It.) P.S. dan, you better do it or youll see my 85 go flyin by you
  3. hey dan, i cant wait to see you follow me off it when im on my new crf250f...........i just got it and already got yoshis on it. good luck on the jump
  4. ur bike isnt that great......u shuld get a cr85 with fmf pipe, sum graphics and all the otheres
  5. hey dan, i go to rocky hill a lot and my friend barsha and I always do that double....you can do it on a cr85 fifth pinned. try it