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  1. Thanks for the responses. I havent had a chance to ride as much as I'd like since it is still winter here. Hopefully as I put more miles on it, it will stop. Can't wait to get it out and do some woods riding.
  2. My DRZ250 has 135 miles on it. The engine experiences a ticking noise when accelerating. The more acceleration, the more ticking. The dealer checked the valves and they were ok. The bike performs well, idles fine, and doesnt smoke. Is this a problem? Thanks.
  3. I bought a new DRZ250 and have put 120 miles on it. I cleaned and oiled the airfilter for the first time and now notice that after letting off the gas there is a slight sputtering noise in the exhaust. The performance of the bike is fine. Is this normal? There is no sputtering at idle or when accelerating. Thanks.