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  1. vern650

    Lets see all your 05's!!!

    heres my 05 not much, all stock other than black fenders, skid plate and radiator braces. been very good, over three years on it of rough trails and dune riding still on original motor and clutch. i've been thinking of throwing black rad. shrouds but dont know how it would look with yellow tank and seat.
  2. vern650

    2005 rmz 450

    i would go for it. i bought my 05 brand new 3 years ago and have been riding it hard from day one with basically zero issues. i ride mostly trails and sand dunes so it gets a work out. i couldnt tell you how many hours i have on it but after three years the valves are still in spec and it still runs as good as it did when i bought it and its still bone stock other than jetting and a twinair filter. after the first year i had issues with my fork seals but i think most of that was due to the dealorship that worked on it not being the brightest.
  3. vern650

    Am I the only one with heat issues on ,my RMZ 450?

    i tried engine ice in my old yz and i dont think it cooled as good as regular antifreeze/water mix. it seemed to boil over more
  4. vern650

    Am I the only one with heat issues on ,my RMZ 450?

    like mentioned above it could be a bad base or head gasket causing heat from inside the cylinder to heat up the water thus making it overheat. just an idea. ive seen this happen many times on snowmobile engines
  5. vern650

    What coolent do you guys run?

    i use regular old antifreeze also without any problems, i have tried engine ice but i think it was a waste of money. the engine ice seemed to boil out alot more and faster at the sand dunes than the regular water/antifreeze mix. and from what i have heard its not the antifreeze that causes problems its if you use regular tap water instead of distilled or deionized water or whatever its called
  6. vern650

    Seriously considering a 05 450

    i have an 05 rmz 450 and it has been a great bike i rode it alot the first few months i owned it like atleast twice a week and each ride was for a few hours. so far i have had no problems and i love the handeling and feel of this bike.
  7. i know people that are like that to, this one kid i know freaks out when we tell him were going to the dunes, his comment is always "if you get one grain of sand in there your motors toast", then i just tell him thats what the air filters for. ive had no problems in the sand. the dunes are about my favorite place to ride. one of my buddies that will ride the dunes with us even found out after we got back from the dunes the the little rubber plug on the head of his yammi 450 where the decomp. lever used to be fell out and he still had no problems with the bike. as a matter of fact were actually heading up to st. anthony tomorrow for another go.
  8. vern650

    Hey people watch your vent tubes

    i just bought a cheap clamp on k&n style breather filter that you can find at most auto parts stores then i cut the end of the hose off to where the filter would be sitting on top of the case, i left the hose long enough that it still wraps up over the carb and back down to the case,. then i stuck a small piece of pipe in the end of the hose so the filter had something solid to clamp on to.
  9. vern650

    Hey people watch your vent tubes

    i just put a filter over mine sems to work fine
  10. vern650

    worst crash i ever had (so far)

    i dont know if you recall but in my original post i mentioned that someone died at st anthony a couple days before i was up there. i been reading around on some other forums like snowest and found out that it was Jeremy Crapo, who is from what i understand pretty famous in the snocross world and possibly in the biking world, i dont know if any of you know of him but i thought i would just share what i found out. R.I.P jeremy
  11. vern650

    New '05 What to do?

    i had mine zip tied to the frame by the stock mount for a while
  12. vern650

    New '05 What to do?

    in the stock position if you have a good crash you could push the radiator back into it and damage you radiator. for the first while i just took the bolt out and let mine hang and it was fine but then i got my radiator braces and it relocated it back farther so its out of the way of the radiator.
  13. and it was kinda painful. i went up to the st. anthony sand dunes for the weekend and we was doin some jumping just, i believe east, of thunder mountain or whatever its called and the first few times i was all screwy in the air my front end was way high but i pulled them off then the third time i hit it it felt perfect the bike was flat in the air and everything, my buddies said it looked perfect to until i landed. i guess i came down nose heavy and ended up endoing it over the bars, so i was told, all i remember was flying threw the air then sand then pain. once i caught my breathe, i never had the wind nocked out of me so bad, i made sure all my body was intact and functioning properly, luckily it was all good. i had to make a visit to my chiropracter though to straiten a few things out. my bike ended up with a bent muffler and rear break disc and some red paint from my helmit on the underside of my rear fender but that was it so i feel pretty lucky especialy since i heard that just the thursday before that somebody died up there, its kinda scary to think about. well that was my worst crash yet and i was bored so i thought i would share. what are some of your worst crashes that gave you a good scare?
  14. vern650

    03 ktm 450 sx jetting

    sorry, i dont know the stock jetting, i will see if my buddy knows but i doubt he does.
  15. vern650

    Paddle, Sand, Suggestions

    i ride in the saint anthony dunes in idaho and i just run the stock 14-49 gearing and i can pull third gear on most of the big hills up there. if you have both front sprockets i would just take them both and a pair of snap ring pliers and try them both and see which one you like more. the 14-50 would probably be pretty good but i dont know how different that would be from my 49 so i couldnt tell u for sure