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  1. clammmer

    Engine oil type and weight for 03 xr400

    I understand that you have to use motorcycle oil due to the meshing of the gears and for the clutch
  2. clammmer

    fork springs xr400

    Hey, any input out there for fork springs.I have a 99xr400 and I am a fast novice, 220#. Doing mostly trails and whooped-out sand pits. What suppliers have good equipment? Thanks!!
  3. clammmer

    fork springs

    Does anybody know how many front spring rates there are for a 99 xr 400 and how much of a difference one heavier would make? I weigh 215# fully geared up. I am a fast novice rider.
  4. clammmer

    Grinding the header welds

    do you guys think this would affect the jetting (leaner?) Also, have you guys done the plug resistor mod? Thanks
  5. clammmer

    Spark plug resistor.

    do you think this will affect the jetting?
  6. clammmer

    N.H. street legal xr400?

    Anybody have any info on laws in N.H.? What's the best kit? Thanx!
  7. clammmer

    Spark plug resistor.

    How exactly do you remove the resistor. How big is the ss bolt one of you put in.
  8. clammmer

    Does removing spark plug resister raise temps?

    I have a 99 400 how exactly do you remove it?
  9. clammmer

    Aftermarket CDI box

    Does anybody have any information on CDI boxes to add more performance to the XR400. ie., higher rev?
  10. clammmer

    99 xr 400 55W. bulb?

    Can I get that for a stock headlight assy.?
  11. clammmer

    99 400 exh.

    Good info. Thanks. What about grinding header weld away?Seems pretty easy. Take it down about flush to header walls? Some engineer guy on here said you can do it by feel.
  12. clammmer

    99 400 exh.

    Hey, TR, where do you get the Mikuni, jetting,do you order it with you bike specs or what? What about the Edelbrock? How is the 440? Price of carb?
  13. clammmer

    99 400 exh.

    Thanx, T.R.42. I'll heed it. Hey, what would the pumper do? I hear they help on the bog?
  14. clammmer

    How Do I make my XR 400 street legal?

    BBB, Where do you get your info?
  15. clammmer

    99 400 exh.

    I have a White Bros. E-Series alum. muffler. Stock header. Twin Air filter, no snorkel, 62 pilot 162 main. Sea level. Would White's header and a hotter cam make a noticable power increase? Please answer. Thanx. Also, where may the best needle clip position be?