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  1. 650_shark

    rmx parts

    89-91 (maybe 92) RM engine is interchangeable with RMX in that the exhaust ports are the same. if you put a 94 rm top end on a rmx then you need the pipe from the rm. I think the later the RM model 95+ there maybe other differences. Do a search for this I think there are a few older threads with useful info on RMX/RM stuff. What parts are you looking for? I have a 90 RMX and a 91 RMX with a bunch of parts to spare. PM what you need.
  2. Click here for a link to BTR DS Ride Info Last year I took a few hour rip thru October Mtn. on my XRL. There is a lot to ride both road and trail. Some trails were gnarly hence the nickname Rocktober Mtn. Between trails and getting lost & having to find my way back to the parking lot on the roads, I had to put at least 70+ miles. For the hardcore pig guys that could be a good option.
  3. All the pig riders should just show up at the Berkshire Trail Riders 2-state DS ride. 120+ miles of road/dirt road/some trails and it pass thru or near western mass state forest. A bunch of camping in the area also. Pretty good ride, I did it 2 years ago on my xrl. This year is May 17th.
  4. 650_shark

    650L Clutch cable question

    Thanks fellas, I will route it the og way.
  5. 650_shark

    650L Clutch cable question

    I'm about to replace my broken clutch cable with a Motion pro cable. I noticed the new one is about 3" longer than stock. I'm sure it will work fine but where do I stuff the extra? Do people just use the stock routing? I have slightly taller bars (KX Hi Pro-tapers) but not tall enough to take up the 3". Any suggestions are appreciated.
  6. I'm running an E-series on my XRL with I think 10 or 11 discs, anyway I just went thru tech inspection at a local turkey run this past weekend and tested with 89 - 91 dBs at idle and 1/4 throttle. Surprised us all that it was that low.
  7. 650_shark

    What's a good place to live up N.H. and Mass border.

    I lived in Boston for 12 years and for the past 4 years I have worked in Southern NH. That commute sucked so once the wife got her master's this past spring, whamo bought a house in Bradford, MA (technically Haverhill, MA) about 15 mins from my work in NH. 5 miles from Plaistow,NH Shopping. about an hour or so from Clough State Park for great riding and as Dave948 mentioned my trash is picked up my property tax is about $3500 cheaper, my schools are better (although not good). I looked in NH when I was buying, comparable house was at least $6000 in taxes. My 6% gain(or whatever it comes out as) from no income tax was not enough to offset property taxes and mass tax. Also people in NH are crazier than Massholes. joking Billerica is nice, Pepperell is nice but some of these areas are $$$. Who knows now with the economy.
  8. 650_shark

    F.Gilbert Hills State Forest?

    you just need an ohv plate to ride there but if you wanted to ride over to wrentham to link the two parks you'll need a street plate. I was told there is a trail that connects the two but I was never able to find it.
  9. 650_shark

    F.Gilbert Hills State Forest?

    Foxboro is rocky, similar to Freetown. Nice loop though about a 9 mile outside loop with some little trails. Wrentham is real nice and just down the street from Foxboro. remember need a street plate to ride on the roads.... Nice trails lots of loops, varied terrain parking lot side is pretty good, opposite parking lot side is better but is directional. Both are Mass. State parks and require a street plated bike or Mass ATV Plate. check out the parak website for maps
  10. 650_shark

    Where Is The Best Trail Riding In Northeast

    go to the Where2Ride section
  11. 650_shark


    I will be there with a friend, XR650L & R
  12. 650_shark

    Most forgiving rear blinkers?

    Good point, I'm pretty sure the electrosport blinkers I linked to are NOT DOT approved. However, I am due for Inspection this Month and we'll see if I pass with them.
  13. 650_shark

    Most forgiving rear blinkers?

    I just put on a set of front and rear electrosport blinkers that bend 90deg. blinkers click here So far so good, they are LED so you need to fiddle with that stuff. I ended using an electronic flasher relay Tridon EP37 from Napa. Seems to work ok, but thats a whole different topic. I haven't dropped or crashed yet to test the flexibility of the blinkers
  14. 650_shark

    more than routine maintenance xr650l

    I think the service manual calls out a moly grease. Like Denn10 there are a lot that will work, but his suggestion of waterproof is good.
  15. 650_shark

    more than routine maintenance xr650l

    Check the wheel bearings, swingarm, linkage bearings. The stock wheel bearings are not double sealed bearings and come from the factory under greased. I just did all my bearings this past weekend, wheels/linkage/swingarm. Wheels were junk but the others were ok needed grease, I put new ones in anyway. My XRL is an 06 with 7700 miles.