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  1. You didn't mention changing the spark plug???Also the plug cap,both have resistors and they could be breaking down causing misfire at higher rpm. KARL
  2. Old southern habit...everyone has a nickname,Dad started Kraut for two reasons...German heritage and as a small boy I always liked sauerkraut ....Older brother is "Bullet" KARL
  3. You are correct,it can be done by loosening the jam nut and unscrewing the phillips it comes out the arm will go up/down.Also may have to remove oil line to unhook return spring.If it won't go back in lean scooter to the right side ..actuator rod will slide back over. KARL
  4. check the ground wire on/at the coil..mine broke...maybe the high revs are causing it to loose contact KARL
  5. I simply cut 3" off of fender and attached Baja Designs plate/light....would probably cut 4" if I ever had to replace fender.KARL
  6. I have a 00 that had a leak and I thought it was the C/S seal..replaced it only to still leak.It was hard to pinpoint(with clean oil) but I found IT to be the aluminium oil passage plugs in the engine cases located above the C/S.Just took a small ball peen hammer and reseated them.Another spot to check.....Hope this helps..KARL
  7. This is what I was trying to describe...nothing but HIGH quality:rolleyes:
  8. I looked at all the available passenger pegs out there and thought that is $$$$$ for occasional use and could potentially tear my leg off in a crash so this is what I did...I bought a piece of 1/2x1/8x3' mild steel flat bar from Tractor Supply.Take a piece 8-12" long and make a U bend around a piece of 1/2 pipe leaving two tails about 4-6" long.Fire up the Handee-Dandee Welder and attach to the outside of the factory pegs,locate as far out(wide) as desired...even place on a swept back angle to reduce wind resistance...spray paint (with high quality) flat black.I figured all the passenger needs is a place to rest their feet add push against when we stop (so I don't end up on top of the fuel tank).I have found that smaller kids have problems reaching them but they work fine for grown-ups.
  9. From past experience (1975-present)normal is:intakes get tight,exhaust get loose.Will usually hear exhaust "ticking",indicating valves (in-exh)need attention....also did ya know they are to be set COLD?
  10. If you're referring to a Baja Designs kit , mine came already charged...I remember a funny note in the instructions that asked if you were color blind to get help.I also noticed that since this is a universal type kit that color to color wiring was not always followed.