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  1. dirtyhucker

    Wham Bam So Cal Ride OF THE YEAR!

    anyone else? there are 20 other motards going and if anyone wants to meet up, we will be heading out from NCY at 9:30am... and free coffee and doughnuts for us on behalf of the shop!!! see ya there!
  2. dirtyhucker

    Wham Bam So Cal Ride OF THE YEAR!

    well its still happening and there are a ton of motards going! Guys coming down from LA up from South SanDiego, its going to be fun! Post up if ya want to go!! See Ya, Jon
  3. dirtyhucker

    Wham Bam So Cal Ride OF THE YEAR!

    ok here it is... roughly 300 miles of the craziest riding this side of the states. I kinda wanted to put together a ride (well at least get the ball roling) and make it the most fun and unrelenting ive had to date. Were talking twitsy canyon roads, to sketchy burnt ass mountainside fireroads to the EPIC Palomar Mountain Pavement... a Stint down montezuma road into the desert... ACROSS the desert to the salton sea for lunch and Gas... A good climb via twisty canyon pavement out of the Desert to the hills of Ramona and Julian. All riders are welcome to come... Be Geared Up Gassed Up Bike Prepped For the unexpected and best of all Be ready for a great day no-one gets left behind to make sure all get home on their own two wheels. Stuff Your FAces on turkey day and Ride with us ....... Friday, November 23rd early AM There are so many of us around here that have never met up, Lets Make a Day of it!! If coming from the 5 ...(My Meeting Place) will be North County House OF Motorcycles 8:30-9:00am preferably the earlier the better Its right off the 78 east at nordahl, From the 5. Its right behind the costco... North County's House of Motorcycles 1725 Hacienda Dr. Vista CA 92081 http://www.nchouseofmotorcycles.com/map_hours.asp <---map, but it sucks (do mapquest) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If coming via the 15 we can meet at North County Yamaha Exit 78 west to Nordahl, take a right and head back east parallel to the freeway on Montiel Road. Full Group will meet up there after we leave House of Motorcycles I should be there with the other half of the group by 9:30... hopefully at the latest. North County Yamaha 2333 Montiel Road San Marcos CA 92069 http://www.ncyyamaha.com/map_hours.asp <---Map IF YOU NEED ANYTHING MORE DONT HESITATE TO CALL ME... email FOR MY CELL # ------> dirtyhucker@yahoo.com Fuel Range Is about a 60 mile to the tank minimum... If Fuel Range is a problem for ya ---> http://www.rei.com/product/695245 <---Its better than gatoraide bottles bouncin around... ive got one i carry in the dez all the time, ill have it with me for this ride... Ladies and Gentlemen there will be dirt riding involved in this ride one way or another, so consider yourself WARNED!!
  4. dirtyhucker

    Rear Contiforce sale

    North county yamaha in san diego is getting 94 for the rears...orderd mine today. Second one... they rock!
  5. there was one time this guy on a really nice repsol honda, he had all the bells and whistles even the GP exhaust, you know the two pipes one exiting the center of the tail and one out the side, loud as hell. well everyone was watching him tear off down the hill and i was out of my gear at the time standing next to my bike as he whizzed past me. I looked at my buddy and he knew what i was thinking. i calmly put on my jacket, earplugs and gloves. started my bike up and took off at a breezy pace... i caught up to him with a little pressure and he ended up pulling off the road to let me pass.
  6. dirtyhucker

    friday afternoon ride North County, San Diego!

    so let me know if anyone wants to ride this weekend, friday seems bad, not enough people for it... lets try for a weekend!!
  7. ah friday is a bad day to get a group together....sorry, maybe send a message if youre wanting to get together in north county for an inland run!!