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  1. Yes, Yes it is the peoples republic of California. Yes you do have to sign the communist manifesto upon purchasing an overpriced house. You are more likely to be socially accepted as a gay than a gun owner. The retards in Hollywood all act like we elected them and give a crap about their opinions. Well I guess we did elect some of them but that’s not the point. The point is that I am here to ride. I’m here to ride the kind of terrain I like to ride. I don’t live in LA, I live in the desert. Keep the sport alive in the hills of NC. I’m going to do the same out in the desert. If any of you are ever in my neck of the woods swing by and throw a leg over one of my old bikes. I’m going riding.
  2. Problem solved, moved back to So-Cal. I just had to dig this one back up!
  3. A little more looking reveals cracks that run to the clutch cover. Welding isnt looking like an option at this point. So I ordered a new cover, problem solved. While the bike is down I decided to take care of anything else that required attention. Rear rim is on the list. Any sugestions on replacements?
  4. Well, the clutch, clutch basket and tranny cover are off the bike. Like you say not a problem. Nothing in there looks toasted. No end play in the tranny input shaft and all the gears (water pump drive and counterballance) look good. The clutch basket needle bearings look fine and so do the clutch rod bearings. I think that I might get out of this for a little bit of welding and the price of a gasket and oil! Oh yeah a skid plate too.
  5. Can the side cover be removed without pulling the engine?
  6. I have moved back to the west coast! I am in my desert again and I do not have to ride on tracks or farms. In the 3 years that I lived on the east coast I only went through 1 rear tire. Not to knock on people who live and ride on the east coast, it’s just not my style of riding. Anyway I went out for a quick blast this morning and managed to knock a hole the size of a dime in the left side of my transmission case. My poor 2005 crf4550r puked its oil without me knowing. I didn’t realize that anything had gone wrong until the tranny started making some nasty bearing noises. I shut it down as soon as it did but I am sure that the damage has been done. I have never been in the tranny of the bike before and I need some advice on this. Parts sources and at least an exploded view of the tranny is what I am looking for. Can you remove the side cover without pulling the engine? My plan is to remove the cover and weld it up after replacing bearings that are toast. I am not new to flipping wrenches by any means I have just never pulled apart the tranny on a bike. It is prime riding season in the Mojave Desert where I live so I need to get this thing back together ASAP. Now if you will excuse me I am going to finish kicking myself in the ass for not getting a full skid plate!
  7. I gave it a go in the dirt out here. Some good trails here and there but its not so-cal. The glass is 1/2 full though. Riding street in Cali is borderline suicidal. Out here it looks perfectly safe and the roads are great for it. Im going to the dark side.Anybody want to buy a 05 crf450r that is in great shape?
  8. OK I didn't intend to piss anyone off with the mountain bike thing. If you like it I love it, have a blast. I'm just not into it. I can also understand not having some guy blasting up a trail burning into a mountain bike. That just wouldn't end well for either party. And yes it is illegal to ride just about every place in Cali especially with the "red sticker" but nobody seems to care. The only people that have anything to say about it is the wildlife department guys who are on XR650L's. To be quite honest they usually dint care either as long as you are being responsible. I just need to find a place to ride.
  9. I just moved to western north carolina (hendersonville) from southern California. I used to ride my CRF 450 R almost every day in the desert. Plenty of places to ride in southern Cali. Now I just look at my bike in the livingroom and wonder what Im going to do with it. Every bit of what looks to be good single track is claimed by the tree hugging mountain bike fruit cakes that drive saturns. Is there anyplace to ride thats not a 3 hour drive?