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  1. Got an ‘05 450x for $6,200 out the door in Sept of ‘05. List was much greater. Competition in this segment is a good thing and long over due.
  2. Actually, you’re wrong... unless you’re at about -35 degrees, C or F. Who gives a shit when you’re literally talking about less than the weight of a shit?
  3. Suzuki has been making the perfect bike for you for the last 18 years.
  4. Ha! The DRZ?? What great for nothing bike I’d never want. Then a few years ago I came across an S model that “needed the carb cleaned” with oxidized plastics, 9 years old, and 473 miles for a price I couldn’t pass up. Day after I got it I took it out to deal with the carb, and whatever was there cleared itself out. Razor blades and sandpaper cleaned the plastic. Looks great, runs great; never selling it. I also have a 450x. The only two things I’ve wanted on that bike is a 6th gear and a plate to connect trails.
  5. And the euro bike weights are zero fuel weights, not ready to ride. Add 6lbs/gallon of fuel to the euro weights.
  6. Sounds like an XR650L would be perfect for you. Or, for less hassle get a mid 80’s nighthawk; hydraulic lifters, air cooled, and shaft drive for cheap, low mtx. I want a street legal dirt bike like the eurotrash bikes, there’s a load of street bikes to commute with that will be way better than anything that runs knobby sized tires.
  8. Honda wasted millions on this: So buy from a manufacturer that cares about your interests, not Honda. They no longer care. Not a hater either, (currently own: crf70, CR125R, CRF150F, 450X, and an Accord) just the truth.
  9. Bone stock. They also stated things may be different in slightly modified form.
  10. Could someone pm me the location of the Paiute 105 site too please.
  11. Any day at 8,600 feet results in a large power loss, but a warm day is HUGE compared to lower elevations. A 75 degree day makes the bike perform like it's at 11,600 feet...
  12. I had this happen(ing). After sitting it turned a about one rotation and the starter failed to turn the motor. I recharged the battery with the same result. Got a new battery with same result. Some time during this period I noticed the smell of gas in the garage. Took me a while for me to determine the source of the smell, two other bikes in there. Found air box drain dripping fuel. Removed spark plug and hit the starter turned it over- resulted in a 3 foot geyser of gas. Now deciding if I want to just get the new petcock and deal with less reserve fuel, or rebuild stock one. I'll do the float gasket too. The bike has been down for a while and I miss it. Thought about doing 3x3 mod since everything is apart...
  13. Seriously?? I'm still on my second set of tires on my '05, and you've had about a dozen bikes in the mean time, but I thought you'd be buried with your x. i did a tt ride or two with you about 10 years ago before you became such a bike slut. I'm have a wife and kids that prevents such promiscuity. Guess I need to get out more.
  14. The only new cartoon I enjoyed with my kids. A little young for it, but pretty entertaining. I'm looking at the moto z hybrid for my 450x, I do too much pavement for the dr.
  15. Are these tires made by Doofenshmirtz incorporated? if you have kids you'll understand.