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  1. notime

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Thank you very much for the great sacrifice you’ve made for the TT group. While in the area, did you by any chance hit up Nike? Seriously, thank you for the information. It’s particularly helpful since I’m going to be making a purchase soon, and wasn’t going to wait until this bike came out... then a house remodel started. We’re similar physically and chronologically so that makes your review meaningful as well. It sounds like a bike I should be considering, but I’m still looking more hardcore dirt; so that still leaves me with the eurotrash. Regardless I do see one in my future, even if it’s down the road a bit. It would be great to have one right now too. Side note: I would’ve purchased a white eurotrash bike Friday had the dealer not played the car dealer game bs with a time wasting joke of an offer that took 15 minutes for them to compute. Idiots.
  2. notime

    Clarke Tank vs IMF Tank??

    Reviving an ancient thread in hopes of updated info. I'm looking at a Clarke 3.9 for a 400s. The IMS 3.2; it seems like the cost of the tank isn't worth a couple hundred dollars when I could just carry external fuel for the few times it's required. Read a bunch of stuff for and against Clarke, IMS, and Acerbis. Acerbis is out- don't like the plastic on their handguards. Anyone running the Yamaha fuel petcock with the 3.9 gallon clarke tank?
  3. DRZ400 is the 2000 version of the 1990 xr400. Should add that I'm not a fanboy of any brand. I have 5 Hondas (one's a car) and a KDX200. I need to get rid of a couple, but kids in transition is the story there. If you like the green color there's also the Kawasaki KLX400 the made for a few years in the early 2000's... it's a green DRZ. The other thing is they're still making the DRZ should you need parts, and have been making the same bike for almost 20 years. Doesn't really matter what you get, you'll have fun with your Dad.
  4. I misspoke earlier, there is an area where the drz is great: With more street oriented tires (even 21/18s) it absolutely shreds tight twisty roads, the tighter and closer the turns the better. There’s a reason they make a Motard version. I’m fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of canyon/mountain roads and it’s a blast. See numerous DRZs and seldom if ever any 250s.
  5. For the purpose you described in the first post; it will be fine. I’ve only had mine on single track trails a couple times with my kids and it works. I have a Honda 450x that’s way better off road at a faster pace. With the the kids the drz keeps it more challenging for me, and the mirrors and horn come in real handy to keep an eye on things.
  6. I have a drz400. I never wanted a drz400. I got a great deal on a used one. It”s a great bike. It’s certainly not great at anything in particular, but it’s a great bike. I”m the same size/weight as you, and I wouldn’t go the 250 route. You can buy 2 or 3 new DRZs for the price of a new KTMs; same ratio for used. KTMs are nice, I want one... when I can stomach forking over the cash. I’m getting close, but I’m keeping the drz when I cave for the KTM.
  7. Yes it is. I’m in the market for that segment of bike. I’m really close to purchase and want to make the right choice. Given that it’s based on the new 450x, I would assume it’s closely aligned with that bike with the added emissions/dmv bs. I am not in the market for a drz replacement. I have a drz. I have a 450x. New bike would replace the 450x function- dirt bike, except with a plate. If it does lean towards the drz end, then we’re stuck with the eurotrash bikes: no competition and priced accordingly.
  8. I meant to the event, perhaps from a vehicle parked 2 miles down the road.. I would never want anyone to experience that kind of pain.
  9. May i suggest you show up on a FE501 so you’ll be able to make an accurate and direct comparison for us. I need to pull the trigger before my wife spends all our money on a house remodel so i need to know... soon.
  10. notime

    Cant decide: DRZ400S or DRZ400SM?

    I’m cheap. The S is a WAY better value than the SM in any measure at those prices. I use my S exactly as you describe and it’s fine. I also live close to some awesome twisty roads and it’s more than fine there too... at least until I put more dirt oriented tires on it. I also believe in value. Would I pay $2,300 more for my crf450x if I was looking for a dirt bike? Hell yeah! It’s a way better bike for dirt- no comparison. The difference in price for a couple items on the same bike... S all the way. Keep in mind many of the responses are from people who take ‘tarding more serious. If you want a streetbike, there are many better choices. Paying 50% more for the same bike is crazy.
  11. notime

    2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport has been announced!

    Got an ‘05 450x for $6,200 out the door in Sept of ‘05. List was much greater. Competition in this segment is a good thing and long over due.
  12. Actually, you’re wrong... unless you’re at about -35 degrees, C or F. Who gives a shit when you’re literally talking about less than the weight of a shit?
  13. Suzuki has been making the perfect bike for you for the last 18 years.
  14. Bottom line is if weights a bit more, maybe (probably not) is slightly down on power from the orange bikes, and is efficiently produced to where supply meets or exceeds demand, and I can walk out of a dealer lfor $1,500 - 2,500 less than an orange bike....I’m in!
  15. Ha! The DRZ?? What great for nothing bike I’d never want. Then a few years ago I came across an S model that “needed the carb cleaned” with oxidized plastics, 9 years old, and 473 miles for a price I couldn’t pass up. Day after I got it I took it out to deal with the carb, and whatever was there cleared itself out. Razor blades and sandpaper cleaned the plastic. Looks great, runs great; never selling it. I also have a 450x. The only two things I’ve wanted on that bike is a 6th gear and a plate to connect trails.