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  1. Could someone pm me the location of the Paiute 105 site too please.
  2. Any day at 8,600 feet results in a large power loss, but a warm day is HUGE compared to lower elevations. A 75 degree day makes the bike perform like it's at 11,600 feet...
  3. I had this happen(ing). After sitting it turned a about one rotation and the starter failed to turn the motor. I recharged the battery with the same result. Got a new battery with same result. Some time during this period I noticed the smell of gas in the garage. Took me a while for me to determine the source of the smell, two other bikes in there. Found air box drain dripping fuel. Removed spark plug and hit the starter turned it over- resulted in a 3 foot geyser of gas. Now deciding if I want to just get the new petcock and deal with less reserve fuel, or rebuild stock one. I'll do the float gasket too. The bike has been down for a while and I miss it. Thought about doing 3x3 mod since everything is apart...
  4. Seriously?? I'm still on my second set of tires on my '05, and you've had about a dozen bikes in the mean time, but I thought you'd be buried with your x. i did a tt ride or two with you about 10 years ago before you became such a bike slut. I'm have a wife and kids that prevents such promiscuity. Guess I need to get out more.
  5. The only new cartoon I enjoyed with my kids. A little young for it, but pretty entertaining. I'm looking at the moto z hybrid for my 450x, I do too much pavement for the dr.
  6. Are these tires made by Doofenshmirtz incorporated? if you have kids you'll understand.
  7. It has become apparent my battery needs to be replaced. Rmatv has a $99 Litium Ion battery spec'd for the drz. I did the search and most responses were from ktm and atv guys, or about 7 years old on drz pages. Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with the Tusk Li batteries on the DRZ? Seems like a great way to drop 3or4 pounds off the bike for $50 more than I'd spend anyway.
  8. Ventura County Motorcycle Club may be worth looking into, but may be an older crowd... who knows their way around. Or hang around here long enough and you'll find something between the smart ass responses. Ohh to be 21 in Santa Barbara... I spent many nights there for work in my 30s', but was/am married. It was sure fun to look though.
  9. While test riding a 2004 150F for my son today; the shifting felt loose/imprecise, a little clunky(?), and neutral selection seemed ambiguous. My frame of reference is a drz400s and a crf450x. I just the way the transmission is on these bikes, or is there a little more going on here? This was my first time on a 150f. Thank You.
  10. Sounds right. Easy cruising 45-50mph is probably the sweet spot for range mileage, any raster do you pick up a lot of aerodynamic drag. Increasing your speed from 45 to 60mph results in 62% more drag. I get about 60mpg at slow speeds around town riding like an old man.
  11. dealing with same issue. Think I'll try the flame plus carb cleaner method... The fixed jet can be removed as stated.
  12. A couple months ago I was looking for a DS helmet. I use my bike for errands and my off road helmet was kind of a pain because I always had to have eye protection, goggles or glasses- just one more thing to fumble around with at stops.... or realize you forgot half way down he block. After trying on brands and comparing side by side, it was obvious the Shoei was superior in quality to the other brands. Obviously the price was a sticking point, but I waited until a sale and got a hornet x-2 out the door for a little less than $500. It's a lot of money, but I'm very happy with the helmet. A lot less drag than the off road helmet and heavier. I've never owned a full face helmet, and the only downside I discovered a couple weeks ago after lunch: I burped and the trapped smell almost made me puke.
  13. Avgas too! Too bad the sidis didn't work out. Even worse my boots are almost ten years old and NOT worn out...damn kids.
  14. Bought my "06 s with 520 miles from a 65 year old harley dude. He was in Sturgis when i first called on it. He said he only rides his harley for pleasure and never commutes to work on his bike. Never got into off roading as much as he thought when he bought the DR, and it sat. It looked like it had been dumped in the dirt once or twice... unless they came with renthal bars on 06. Although I was skeptical, I could see nothing that would suggest more miles than indicated, and it sounded good. My '05 450x I got new in '05 is still on its second set of tires...
  15. I got a 2006 with 520 miles on it for $2,500. I was just cruising craigslist and it happened to be listed in the general section, so a waited a couple weeks and called. He was asking $3,200. It looked nice on the post, but when I got there the plastics were faded and it sounded like the carb was gummed up; wouldn't idle w/o choke half on, other than that it sounded good. Got it home, rode it around the block a little and whatever was eating the carb blew through and it ran great. Astonishing timing. I'm amazed how well the plastics have cleaned up, but have yet to finish that job- been too busy running around town on it. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I feel lucky to have come across it and am enjoying it. I did put a new battery and coolant tank in it. Took my Honda 450x out yesterday for the first time since I got the DR... totally different experience. I have yet to take the DR on the dirt (has original tires).... won't selling the x any time soon.