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  1. my 03 250sx!!!
  2. try xgxracing.com, they make complete kits for the 450x
  3. crfsonly.com has them, manufactured by ufo
  4. Just took my first ride on my newly aquired 03 250 sx. and all i have to say is OMG!!!! the power band on this bike is flat out gnarly quite a step up from a kawasaki klx 300r, which i sold to get the KTM.
  5. http://www.motorcycledaily.com/23september06_klx450r.htm
  6. Hey all, I got a question that hopefully someone can help me out with. the problem is that i cannot find any type of replacement plastics for my '05 450x. can i just use the plastics from a 450r? i dont mind if i have to loose the tail light. What I need are new radiator shrouds, rear fender and front fender. thanks lonzo
  7. ive tried the front fender, it fits but the rear of the fender need to be shimmed to clear the frame.soall i did was remove the metal washer things out of the factory fender, and installed the front 2 from the bottom and the back 2 from the top, and it fit fine, as for the number plate, i will not go on with out a little engineering, as for the back fender, i dont know if it will work, i recommend just getting a mx fender from maier, bolts right up and looks killer. well hope this info helps
  8. the kx250f fender will fit, but you may have to shim the rear bolt holes due to a clearance problem with the frame. I have an 05 klx, i put on a 06 kx250f fender on it, and all i did was take the fender spacer things out of the klx fender and put the front 2 in from the bottom, and put the back two in from the top (insted of all four from the top). if that made any sense, basically i cheated. but it works great, and looks killer.
  9. a better shot http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j176/LONDOG79/klx.jpg
  10. heres a picture of my rig with the mx rear fender http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j176/LONDOG79/ruby2.jpg
  11. THanks, i will for sure give it a try this weekend! and let you know how it works
  12. After purchasing my new klx 300 a few months back, I acquired a new fmf power core 4 pipe, installed it. and did the air box mod and re-jetted the carb to fmf's recommended specs. when I started the bike I was stoked, the bike sounded killer, but when I goosed the throttle, the damn thing just bogged, and ran like crap. since I have the California model, there was no way to adjust the needle. so the local kawee dealer mechanic mentioned I should put a couple washers in there to help the needle up. Well I didn’t like that idea so I went and purchased the correct part. So, after cursing up a storm and throwing wrench’s, got the bike dialed in, but a buddy of mine was messing with the fuel screw (at least that’s what I think it is), now I think it is out of whack. So the question at hand is, how many turns does the fuel screw need to be turned out? I just need a reference on where to start out at, can anybody help a brutha out? lol
  13. try lake silverwood area (san bernadino mountains), cool trails, plus its about 10 deg cooler than the desert. i live in LBC and it usually takes about an hour to get there. there are some closer areas, but a lil illeagle to ride there i think
  14. check out www.chaparral-racing.com, they offer a mx rear fender (maier) for the klx. and they have different colors to choose from. i replaced my rear fender with one of these, and totally changed the look of the bike, also changed the front fender with one from a kx250f.