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  1. YZF250_Thor

    125 video

    Looks fun man.
  2. YZF250_Thor

    Free wallpaper I made.

    Dude, On all of your ''Free backgrounds'' the back ground has been black and white ITS SO SIMPLE TO DO! nothing big, its good to share and all but really dude, ease up. You think your the dogs bollox when really your a kid sitting at your PC thinkings hes gods pi$$ on photoshop.
  3. YZF250_Thor

    heres the 2008 wr250f

  4. Right.. whice is the better bike?? Both are new left overs! Iheard the crf is the better one..and by looking at alot of reviews it has shown to be the better bike.. but whice one is more RELIABLE?? Whice is the good and bad of both bikes?? Any problems with them ??..i havnt heard a bad thing about the YZF Thanks in advance.. Sam#96:thumbsup:
  5. YZF250_Thor

    Haha Owned!

    Thats Billy makenzie, cant belive you guys think its funny, hes a UK pro rider, and your laughing, im glad he was ok. He could of had a broken neck ffs!!!
  6. YZF250_Thor

    2005 Yz250f??

    Hey, Well i had a 250f few months back (May).. and i traded it in for a yz125 (04) amazing bike..love it..but i like the thumper alot more. I had the 03 yz250f before...how does it compare to a 05?? What are the good and bads of the 05? Any major problems? any info would be great..thanks
  7. YZF250_Thor

    85 Pics

    Here's my old 2003 YZ85
  8. YZF250_Thor

    Graphics Template

    http://www.fmxaustralia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12697&page=1&pp=10 There we are!
  9. YZF250_Thor

    How did it feel??

    Weird one.. but here it go's! How did it feel when you come from 2-stroke to 4-stroke..did you hate it? love it? Hate it at 1st..?? etc etc! When i come off my 125 and had a go on a 250F I wouldnt come off it.. i loved it!! what are your comments?
  10. YZF250_Thor


    Very nice :ride:
  11. i learnt... Motocross is not a thing that we do to be popular, make money, or get the girls/guys, but it is something that we do for the love of being on a dirt bike and in the air. Those who have never woke up at six in the morning to go get ready for practice just dont understand. The countless hours all of us put in to this sport is not because we want to be famous, but because we love it. You will never have a bigger addrenaline rush than lining up at the gate with 40 riders next to you, all wanting the same thing, to win, and not only that, motocross is also rated as the worlds most physically demanding sport and takes its toll on the riders heavelly . We all know the risks we are about to take when we ride, but that's what makes the sport so great. If there wern't any risks involved, anyone could be a pro. All of us know that we probably will never ever be as good as BUBBA or CARMICHAEL but we try any way. Motocross is a way of life... And ONE GOAL.. ONE VISION.. ONE DREAM.. TO BEAT ONE PERSON.. IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO... RACE MOTOCROSS.. ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS.. THE DRIVE.. THE DETERMINATION.. TO LIVE.. RIDE.. RACE.. WIN.. ITS A TOUGH SPORT.. TO KEEP UP WITH THE BEST.. AND LOOK BACK AT THE REST
  12. Me on the honda! My mate Rob on the ktm!
  13. YZF250_Thor

    Reality of Speed (DV 12)

    http://www.holiganracing.com The whole 2006/2005/2004 supercross season are on there,watch all the 06 ones and you will see what yamaha32 means.They did make DV look like a d**k IMO.
  14. YZF250_Thor

    friends on your bike

    NO ONE GOES ON MY BIKE!! i only go on theres
  15. YZF250_Thor

    Help on KXF250 04!

    im in sussex