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  1. arcangel

    two timing maks ?

    I have a 1982 ke 175, i am setting up the timing but have noticed that it has two timing marks on the stator plate and two on the magneto, the manual state that the line on the case must line up with the mark on the stator plate(only one mark in the manual) which one should I use ????
  2. arcangel

    Make this a sticky thread

    you would think that with today quality of photo's they can at least update the pictures to get a better understanding of what to look for.
  3. Hi I have a XR 250 Tornado 2009 I'm buzy doing a few mods to it, I've started with a after market exhaust( very free) still waiting for the foam air filter. I've notice the exhaust header is getting hotter(pipe was black, but now it's dark brown/red colour). the carb jets are 142 main, 45 pilot, idle jet is 1 1/2 out, the needle DOES NOT HAVE ANY GROOVES FOR AJUSTMENT.(the carb is a cv type/ it's got a diaphram in it. carb is a keihin serial no.VEA2A) don't know which way to turn since I can't adjust needle. alltitude 1600 METERS temp morning 15 degrees celsius Afrernoon 24 degrees celsius
  4. arcangel

    strange wobble/vibe front end

    also check your front mudguard, lean over the front and watch your mudgaurd shaking in the wind.
  5. arcangel

    Help getting foreign bike registered

    find a similiar bike from a junk yard, swap the frame and engine numbers, buy using a file and letter punch set.
  6. arcangel

    paper gaskets

    yes I agree put paper gaskets dry, but what about the steel plate gaskets ? should a sealer be used
  7. arcangel

    Hole in my cylindar...

    ? can you post a pic of it, has it only brunt throw the aluminium and not the cylinder sleeve.
  8. arcangel

    Replacing Xr400 rear mud guard

    it is the standard xr400 mudguard but with 4 inch cut of the front, I notice that riding on the road at about 120 Kmph/75 mph there is a bit of a shack on the steering, and it was cause by the mudguard flexing in the wind, by cutting the front I found it more stable.
  9. arcangel

    Replacing Xr400 rear mud guard

    here is the other side you will also se the frame aswell.
  10. arcangel

    Replacing Xr400 rear mud guard

    yes it is possible, just had to cut some of the inside/front section that is under the seat away. and no change to the steel frame. but the side panels will not blend in with the mudguard.
  11. arcangel

    zooka?? can anyone ID this Bike ? loncin ?

    well if you had to look on the site at the different model they offer you might see that they have a mx bike, www.bigboyscooters.co.za/ZookaMX250.php
  12. Hi All I am planning on buying a Zooka mx 250 bike, it is sold in South Africa by www.bigboyscooters.co.za the motor is made by Loncin, I would like to know how if they are sold in USA or European area and under what name, How good are they and how much abuse they can handle(compared to a yz yamaha).
  13. arcangel

    Broken Countershaft

    hi guys, just had the same problem, but I broke the new shaft/larger diamater one. Do's anyone know why it breaks, or what causes it. and I had to remove the auto decomp cam, it started stuffing me around with starting.
  14. arcangel

    a Chevy or a BMW???

    but how can you tell the difference between a good cheap bike and a sh!t cheap bike. I live in South Africa and their has been a bit of an explosion of the chinease bike on the market, some are the same bikes just with different badges, some are same engine/different frame and styling, and it is very hard getting any truth out of any dealer about which is better even if the bikes are the same with a badge change.
  15. arcangel

    Bike not running right!! XR250R

    I'm certain if you drop your wife/girlfriend they will not be happy with you, and woun't respond to anything you do !!