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  1. indapit

    Carburator Jammed

    Thanks Eddie. How do I fix it?
  2. Bike is KX250F 2008. Was upgrading to Team Green Jetting. I was twisting the throttle to raise the slider to grab the needle to change the clip. It slide up and down with ease from closed to wide open throttle. But eventually it started to get stuck at the top at throttle wide open. I sprayed a lot of Carb cleaner forcing it to slide up and down. It moves but I got to force it. Did I mess something up? I was thinking gas would help lube it. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance
  3. indapit

    08' Front brake rotor???

    Perfect. Thanks for the info.
  4. indapit

    08' Front brake rotor???

    Just noticed the outer part of the front brake rotor to be slightly loose. Why are they revited on there? It looks like the revites are bent slightly. Is this normal or should I change out asap? Thanks in advance.
  5. indapit

    Hard starting KX250F 2008

    So stoked on my new '08 KX250F! I'm proud to say I converted from the CRF250R. It is true what you hear of the valve issues. It was an '04 and valves went sour, replaced with OEM '06 head and valves and it started all over again. Enough with that roach. So heres my problem. Brand new bike started first kick first time. After that it took about 20 kicks. It still remianed fussy so pulling in the hotstart when it was cold seem to work. That doesn't seem right. It feels like there is no compression. This I am comparing to the CRF feel. I know the idle is not perfect since coming from the dealer so I messing with that. Overall the bike is amazing. I love it! Any tips on starting her would be appreciated.
  6. indapit

    Problem starting...ignition?

    Idle is fine. Do you recommend turning it up a bit?
  7. indapit

    Problem starting...ignition?

    I've re-built the 04 head with the 06 and all the hardware...valves, piston, rings, etc. Bike worked unreal for a season. Just checked the valves and they are in spec. Got a new plug, cleaned the air filter, etc. Problem is that it kicks over (after several kicks) but only fires for about two or three revolutions then dies. I've been successful at times by bliping the throttle during those few revolutions and it stays running then runs like a champ throughout the ride. Could this be my ignition box? Any suggestions? Any trouble shooting tips? Thanks in advance.
  8. indapit

    Trouble shifting into neutral

    Does anyone know why I would have trouble shifting into neutral while the bike is running? When the engine is off, I have no problem at all. Anyway to fix this? This is on a CRF 250 '04
  9. I'm ordering all the OEM parts to replace my 04' CRF250R head to the 06'. I want to change out the piston at the same time. Do I go with the 06 or a new 04 piston? I'm not sure if the 04 piston will align with 06 top end. Or if the 06 piston will fit in the 04 cylinder. Thanks in advance
  10. Can anyone tell me why or how carbon deposits accumulate in the compression chamber. Is it throttle control, gas type, gasket leaks......???? I'm doing a top-end rebuild on a CRF250R '04 because of valve issues. Took apart the top-end and noticed a lot of carbon deposits on the valves and especially the piston. Seems like this could be why I was having valve issues. Thanks in advance.
  11. indapit

    Replacing 04 CRF250R Head

    I am going with the 04 head as of now. Unless I hear the 06 is better.
  12. indapit

    Replacing 04 CRF250R Head

    Spent the rest of the season shimming and now the valves are down to zero. I'm in the process of gathering all the needed parts for a new head. I was planning on going with OEM parts. Can anyone tell me what absolutely needs replacing and which parts I can reuse. I'm thinking of new valves, springs, piston kit, head, and gaskets. Also, if I use OEM valves, do I still need to get the stems cut??? Thanks to all the can help.
  13. indapit

    04 CRF250r water pump

    Milky substance in my tranny oil makes me believe there is a damaged seal in my water pump. Anyone ever replace the seals and how hard is it? Should I buy the seals and replace or can you buy a whole new water pump?
  14. indapit

    Milky transmission oil

    Changing the transmission oil, I noticed a milky substance. Anyone know what this is? Plus I'm having trouble adjusting my clutch. It only engages on the last 3/4 of the lever going out. Which way do I turn the adjusters to have it engage 1/2 way out?
  15. indapit

    04 CRF250r starting problems

    You guys rock! Thanks for the tips, I'll get on it this week. One of the addictions to riding is wrenching on the beast. Will keep you updated.