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  1. jscotth

    xr600r dual sport tires

    the stock front tire size is 80/100x21 the rear is 110/100x18 will a 90/90x21 fit on the front and a 110/80x18 fit on the rear I am looking at a avon am43 for the front and rear ?
  2. jscotth

    xr600r dual sport tires

    what size dualsport tires/brand will fit on a 1996 xr600r any info would be very helpful thanks
  3. jscotth

    xr600r kick start lever

    thanks the return spring i will try to remove the right side engine cover to check it out thanks scott
  4. jscotth

    xr600r kick start lever

    1987 kick start level will not recoil back to start position ----after kicking attempt. What is the solution? parts? labor?.......Thanks , Scott
  5. jscotth

    52T rear and Axel Block distance? Chain post update!

    i had the same problem the chain was either too lose or to tight on the adjustment blocks i left 51 tooth on until the chain stretches out enough to take a link out the 52 tooth seems to snapper out of the turns you will like it
  6. thanks for the info how much do you weigh?
  7. hey i wondering what you guys set your suspension clickers at for 175lbs rider who rides mxtrack about novice level thanks for the input/help
  8. jscotth

    06 CRF250R Kickstarter

    hey i think it is the auto decompression sticking , put bike in gear rock back and forth then take out of gear and kick. i have a 06 that is what i do when the kick starter does not want kick.
  9. jscotth

    2006 crf250r fluid levels

    2006crf250r engine oil level and transmission oil level in fl. oz. please can somebody list. thanks ! also what are those two tabs on the bottom of the motor just in front of where the swing arm attaches?
  10. great info better then the motopowervideo.com dvd i bought the one covers 4 bikes they left out the detail for the crf250 cam removal . hey what is the red alloy part i see on the head ?
  11. jscotth

    2006 crf250r 52tooth sprocket prolbems

    how far back is your rear wheel sitting ? it seems like it is too far back with not much chain adjustment left when i tired 116 links.
  12. jscotth

    2006 crf250r 52tooth sprocket prolbems

    thanks for the info i will stick with the 51 tooth sprocket and try the 52 tooth when the chain stretches out so i can cut a link out with the chain adjuster set almost all the way in.
  13. i read in motorcrossaction mag. to use 52tooth rear sprocket i was wondering how they did it ? i went to install one and the chain is either too tight or too loose when adding or removing a chain link. i am pissed because i bought a new chain and sprocket and it does not seem to work , had to put the stock sprocket and chain back on.