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  1. cruisekev

    The old toothbrush

    That's awesome! Great job. I love in ingenuity...
  2. cruisekev

    My DR 650

    Hey Jams -- Clean DR. I like it. Where did you get the fork boots?
  3. cruisekev

    Aftermarket Rear hub for 06 650?

    RAD Manufacturing makes rear and front hubs for the DR650. You can buy them right here in Thumpertalk -- Check them out at http://www.radmfg.com/eqhubs.htm
  4. cruisekev

    Super Motard Fender for DR650

    Acerbis comes with a piece of graph paper to help with the drilling. You just measure the distance of the bolt holes on the bike and use the graph paper to mark where you should drill. Real easy!!
  5. cruisekev

    Super Motard Fender for DR650

    I have a 05 DR650 with the Acerbis supermoto fender on it and the blue color is very close to the Suzuki blue. I got mine right here in TT: http://www.acerbis.com/p149_universal/168033.html
  6. cruisekev

    Anyone install an East Coast Wheel front billet hub?

    Do you know if that's a RAD Manufacting hub? I talked with them about this problem and they are VERY easy to get along with. I'm sure there are others that will have the same problem. Doesn't the DR handle and ride so much better with the wheelsets? I'm loving it!
  7. cruisekev

    Anyone install an East Coast Wheel front billet hub?

    I Noticed that the wheel would not spin freely because the seal thats on the speed-o unit was rubbing on the hub, so if the hub was machined out more behind the seal, it would not rub. I think the spacer is against the inner race, but I better pull the front wheel off to make sure. I'm looking forward to what Jeff says even though I didn't purchase the wheelset from East Coast Wheels. (I got mine right here on TT) Kevin
  8. cruisekev

    Anyone install an East Coast Wheel front billet hub?

    I just bought a wheelset that included a front hub from Rad Manufacturing and it did the same thing. I called Rad and they suggested I didn't have the speedo unit on correctly, but that wasn't the case. I was able to measure the depth of the stock front hub and compare this to the Rad hub and it was off by 1.97mm. In other words, in my opinion, the hub should of been machined a little deeper. I did the same things as you did -- place a shim (2mm) between the speed unit and the hub. Now the wheel will turn freely. Let me know what Jeff tells you about the hub. My guess is that they will have to swap the front hubs for new ones, but I would like to hold off until the winter weather to do that. Kevin
  9. cruisekev

    Make a Corbin-like Seat for $25

    Nice Mod! I have tried 2 different stock seats and now I'm on my Suzuki Gel seat and I STILL have that nagging pain in my BUTT:foul: Since I have three seats, this might be something to try. Can you still carve the Thanksgiving turkey with the electric knife?
  10. cruisekev

    Streetard Done - Pics here

    Nice ride... What kind of handlebars, seat, wheels/hubs? Also, did you lower the rear end?
  11. cruisekev

    Lets see your DR's

    To all the people that motarded the DR -- Did you lower the rear suspension in the process? Kevin
  12. cruisekev

    Wanted Stock muffler for 2003 DR650

    I have one also that I don't need. I removed it at 210 miles. PM me or email me at cruisekev@hotmail.com
  13. cruisekev

    Finished motarding my DR650

    Hi Navaho6 -- I'm keeping the stock rims/tires in case I want to hit the trails again. I change my mind quite a bit, so I wanted something I could swap out. This is the main reason I went with new hubs instead of using the orginal ones.
  14. cruisekev

    Finished motarding my DR650

    I just bought my wheelset from Thumpertalk. They consisted of: Eagle Hubs (front) http://www.radmfg.com/eaglehubs.htm Equalizer Rear http://www.radmfg.com/eqhubs.htm They were at my doorstep here in NY in about 5 days. I am very pleased so far, but haven't gotten the wheels on yet. Ask for Brian at TT. Kevin
  15. cruisekev

    Has fork oil changed in the last 10 years?

    Thanks for all the help. I'll use what I have for now.