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    ...what kind of question is that?
  1. sam roth

    kenda carlsbad vs. Trakmaster II

    Do you run a 1.85" wide rear wheel?
  2. can someone explain to me the differences between the carlsbad and trakmaster II 100/90 rear tire? I know that the carlsbad is designed for hard terrain and the trakmaster is considered an enduro tire, like 20 on and 80 off. Would the trakmaster last longer here in rocky arkansas or would it be too heavy? it measures a little different but the numbers on kendas website is all gibberish to me but they recommend a wider wheel, 2.15 as compared to my 1.85, what the carlsbad is designed for. i like to ride on the backroad pavement sometimes, but i dont know, i may just have to break that habit and buy the carlsbad. does the sticky version help much, will that wear faster or anything?thanks for any help!
  3. sam roth

    graphics for an 02 yz250f

    like cyclegear.com? i looked on their site and didnt see them.
  4. sam roth

    graphics for an 02 yz250f

    moto xxx x3 kit, pricey but worth it
  5. sam roth

    kenda tire question

    the only hard terrain tire with a size of 110/80 i could find was Bridgestone M602R, any other you guys know of or am i using the wrong size??
  6. sam roth

    kenda tire question

    well, i read some on the differences in 100/90s, 110/80s, and 110/90 and found out that they least the most in that order. so people were complaining about the 119/80 being too heavy, wouldnt a 110/90 be out of the question? there's a whole thread with people agruing about if you should use the stock 100/90 size or a 110/80, saying the 80 would weigh too much and stand up in corners, but i think it all boils down to personal opinion, so i think i'll expierement with the 110/80 and if i dont like it, when it wears out just go back to the 100/90, i mean its not armageddon if one performs a little worse, im not a factory rider or anything, as long as it doesnt tear my bike up i dont care that much!
  7. sam roth

    question about plastics for 02 yz250f

    yeah, they wont even come close to fitting, you'd need the subframe, airbox, tank, shrouds, and a bunch of other crap to convert. check out 250Thumpher's graphics, i just bought them, the moto xxx kit is nice and flashy, skin industries makes some cool graphics too, but in reality you have to spend the big bucks for cool graphics. FLU makes a kit at motosport.com, the shrouds are really boring but the kit comes with every sticky you need on your bike, even pre-printed backgrounds for like $80
  8. I found the moto xxx trim kit, another $57 for the fenders and what not, so disregard my earlier questions.
  9. where'd you get your fender graphics and pre-printed backgrounds? wierd, im 16, taken, and a junior in high school too, haha
  10. how much would you think i'd get out of the seat cover on ebay? Cause i'm getting a tall stepped seat from GUTS racing and im sure theres no way to get it to fit on there. man, thats a little expensive for just tank and shrouds, but they look damn cool, theres like to options for this year model of bike! Everything looks too plain, so these really caught my eye. On their website they have some trick orange fork guard graphics and some sweet airbox and swingarm and rear/front fender graphics on the bike to display the X3 graphics, too bad theyre not included
  11. What all does Moto XXX's X3 graphic kit for a 98-02 YZ250F include? Its part number GKYZF003 and is $130 and looks like this: https://www1.motoxxx.com/activecart/view_item.asp?UID=212&deptID=12 I know this may be a dumb question, but when they say "graphics and seat cover included" it confused me a little, like graphics for which parts of the bike? Just tank and shrouds or all the goodies like airbox, forks, swingarm and stuff like in the pic? I'm sure it doesnt come with backgrounds, but you never know. I'd kinda like to have an idea of what I'm getting before i go spend the big bucks ya know. 250Thumpher has them on his bike i think, thanks for any help.
  12. sam roth

    kenda tire question

    will a kenda carlsbad 120/90 rear tire fit on an '02 yz250f without trouble? i like the wider tire, but i hear that its a little heavier and the bike wont lay down in the corners as well, any other downfalls to this tire?
  13. sam roth

    tank/shroud swap...

    i have a 2002 yz250f and i've heard of people swapping the newer style tank and shrouds onto the 98-02 bikes for an updated look and was wondering if this would be easy or if it would even work, thanks for the help
  14. sam roth

    FLU Graphics?

    http://www.motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|41037|308932&id=307988 so are these graphics any good cause i'm thinking about getting them, they sound too good to be true! i mean, theyre not the coolest in the world but you get TONS of graphics, the backgrounds AND a seatcover?! come on...i dont even need the seat cover and am still going to buy this kit. I have an '02 Yz250f, just in case i want to sell the gripper seat cover the kit comes with, what years will it fit? only 01 and 02? thanks for the help
  15. sam roth

    best oil

    so is Rotella the cheapest?