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  1. gudac

    What 250F?

    Now, out of these two bikes (yami, kawi ) what do you think and why. Does the yami start as good as the kawi?
  2. gudac

    What 250F?

    haha, thanks for all the replys. I'm leaning towards the yami. Does the yami start good? The kawi's start great. Let me know.
  3. gudac

    What 250F?

    No. I have been rideing an 125. I like the 4 strokes alot better. So i wanted to switch. We are selling my 125 for a 250f. I cant decide what bike to go with. Im looking to race this bike. Supercross and outdoor tracks. My town has bolth. -gudac
  4. gudac

    What 250F?

    Hey guys, whats up? I have searched the forum and nothing came up on this topic. I have read all the descriptions on the forums and i cant seem to find the right one. Im sorry if i did put this topic in the wrong one. Let me know. I was looking at getting a 250f, I have friends who got the Kawi's. They say they love the bike. The thing i love about the bike is it STARTS REALLY EASY. Well i was wandering what you guys think out of these three bikes (Honda, Yamaha, Kawi :250f's ) What bike would be the best bike to get. I know everybody will have different oppinions. But just post what bike you think and the pro's and con's please. Well thanks -gudac