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  1. It's only a little bright. I based the windshield of the concept from this video. https://youtu.be/vbtnlF4XGso I just tweaked it to fit my setup and also made some mounts that come off the top clamps. It was cut from a $5 rubbermaid bathroom garbage can I got from home depot! It really takes the wind of your chest.
  2. No, I graduated in December and I'm back at home job searching. The adv/ds riding up there was great though!
  3. Six years ago I lost my WR250F in a garage fire. Since then I focused my efforts on mountain biking, but in October of last year a good friend of mine offered to sell me his 2000 DRZ400Y for $1500. It was beat, but it ran. It had a pretty bad cam chain tick, rhino lined plastics, blown out 606s, roached front brake pads, shorted engine cutoff switch, but it ran. It was probably one of the ugliest motorcycles I've ever seen. My friend twisted my arm into taking it for a ride despite the above problems. I dropped the bike due to not having tires or front brake and bent the radiator. I deserved it. After the terrifying ride I got some front brake pads, and fixed the engine cutout switch. 3 weeks later disaster struck. It skipped time and ate a valve. I wheeled the bike into my crumby college house and tore it all apart and rebuilt the head on my kitchen table. There was a pretty good ding in the valve seat and the piston. I was a broke college student in the last semester of my engineering degree. I got some new exhaust valves and lapped the shit out of the one with the dinged seat until it sealed up. There may or may not have been a drill involved in lapping the valve... The valve dinged the piston, but being a brokeass college student I just filed the ding down. lol I kept tidying up all the loose ends of the bike and kept riding it around whenever I could. All while spending as little money as possible. I graduated college and hauled the bike home. With a whole lot of nothing to do in between applying for jobs I started to tear the bike down and restore everything. I cleaned and greased all the bearings. Tore the engine down and replaced the camchain, cam chain tensioner, and piston. I also lightly ported the head, mostly just got the 16 years of carbon deposits off. The carburetor was also missing the rod that actuated the accelerator pump, so I also made one of those. Pretty much every component got cleaned, polished, greased, and adjusted. The rhino lined plastics and terrible headlight had to go. I got a new set of plastics ordered. For the light I wanted to do something different and kind of extreme. I picked up some cheap LED light bars from ebay and got to fabricating brackets. I also fabbed up a small dashboard for my small computer and headlight switch. I have always loved the look of the rally raid bikes, so I also fabbed up a small wind deflector above the lights. I also added some small wind deflectors to the handguards. I think it turned out pretty neat especially considering the $800 budget. I'm waiting on tires until I figure out where I am moving once I get a job. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPwDhlNgdtK/
  4. wr250fthrasher

    Bill's new BMW 1200GS purchase

    I like GS 1200s lol
  5. wr250fthrasher

    yz 250 solva suspension

    sick bike! That looks like a 20" front wheel? How do you like it? here are the pics imbeded for the lazy folks... http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f253/xantiasupermoto/IMG_0077-1.jpg
  6. wr250fthrasher

    FINALLY got some wheels!

    I just purchased a set 17" sumo wheels! I'm really excited as I've waited far too long. They should be here soon. Ill post some pics when I get them!
  7. wr250fthrasher

    rekluse, love em or hate em ?

    You're right about the slippy feel in higher gears. It gets kinda of annoying as I dual sport my WR250F and I'm always cruzin at low rpm in 5th gear. I shimmed mine a little tighter so it doesn't slip as much. I also ordered the heavier balls from rekluse. So I hope that helps with the slipping in high gears. I love mine. I also have the right hand brake which is awesome! Its wicked in the trails and it has helped me ride faster. I have to focus less on physically riding the bike ie clutching and braking and not stalling it on technical slow stuff. With the clutch I can focus more on technique ie brake control, peg weighting, general bike control. I switch bikes with my friends alot and I feel equally in control with the normal clutch. It was definitely an awesome purchase. There is alot of setup and tuning issues that I hope to resolve with the heavier balls. I love mine. But its definitely a personal thing. Some people love them some people hate them.
  8. wr250fthrasher

    Bunny Hops

    I can hop my fully loaded wr250f with 3 gallons of gas in it about 3-4 inches. Its at the end of this video please excuse the annoying sound at the beginning.
  9. wr250fthrasher

    First time hitting a ramp

    Wow that ramp seems to really boot you. Pretty sweet though!
  10. wr250fthrasher

    Debate: Best Enduro Riders In the World.

    Anywhere that holds world trials championships. If you look at who has podiumed at ernzberg since the start you will see that most of them are trials riders.
  11. wr250fthrasher

    Pictures of my 03 DR650

    cleanest dr600 ever! I really like it!
  12. wr250fthrasher

    MX Electric Motorcycle on track

    I'm glad to see one on a fullsize mx track! The prior videos were just on pitbike tracks. It looks sweet! Remember way back when yamaha introduced the yz400f and no one expected it to be competitive then it took a supercross main? Eleven years later the 2t is extinct in pro AMA sx and outdoor racing. This will eventually occur again. This is YEARS off mind you. Something like these bikes will be running around tracks in the future. This electric trend is moving into all forms of motosports. The KERS system in Formula 1 (now outlawed), KERS is trickling into LeMans. Porsche is releasing the hybrid GTR. KTM even tested a KERS system on their 125gp bikes. The all electric class at the Isle of Man TT. Alternative drivetrains are here to stay and they will be competitive sooner or later.
  13. wr250fthrasher

    How to make a 125 a woods weapon?

    Awfully scientific graph lol. I'd go with: fly wheel weight fmf gnarly pipe wrap around handguards suspension eventually well lubed NON oring chain -less drag Pretty much everyone is saying the same thing give or take.
  14. wr250fthrasher

    Our Mini Moto Track Build

    dayyum... thats a sweet setup!