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  1. Its all been said. My heart and prayers go to his family at this time. R.I.P Blake Webb
  2. simon21

    I lost my sister

    Hi, My heart go's out to you, i am so sorry this happend to you and your family. Words can be so usless but You will be in my prayers. Simon.
  3. simon21

    onyx armor

    check this one out ! Factory Effex Metal Mulisha Graphic Set . found on this site ; www.motoskinzfx.co.uk .
  4. simon21

    Rip Dad

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers
  5. simon21


    Where's your chain guard dude ?
  6. simon21


    I have moved my forks up in the clamps to adjust the rake. From 5 mm to 7 mm gave a bit of over steer. but 6mm seems to work fine. Also had to get forks serviced as they were to soft. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  7. simon21

    Jump building in sand - help

    Try building wooden sides to sink down into sand, pile rocks into base ?maybe you could pack all kinds a crap into it to make it steady ? good luck.
  8. simon21

    i can not do this for some reason

    I think your supposed to rev n spin the rear as you land to ease the suspension from the landing let go the clutch n gun it as u land !
  9. simon21

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Hi, Dont know about Surrey but nothings free in this country ! I just go to the track now. But i love it I was supposed to be there today but my buddy got a tooth ache Wot u gonna do, eh ?
  10. simon21

    Any1 live in England on here?

    96db is the limit as far as i know !!!
  11. simon21

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Not yet but would like to !!! Am just learning the ropes !!! Got to get fitter And i got ta give up smoking
  12. Re: Today was a horrible day of riding for everyone. I really dont know what to say ! SO SAD !!!
  13. Heart broken to hear this ! Will definitely be praying for your friend Andy.
  14. simon21

    Something that hits home...

    Tears from across the pond, A tragic loss !!! My sympathy to his father and girlfriend. R.I.P Kenny.
  15. simon21

    which adobe program should i get

    Get one with two wheels ?