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  1. silmo20

    twin air filter

    i just bought a twin air dual stage filter. will that fit on the stock cage or do i need to buy their aluminum cage?
  2. ok, i'll try that. thanks a lot.
  3. i've seen many threads about headers getting red hot, mine does the same. within a minute to two minutes it glowing and the radiator and hoses are really hot to touch. i know the glowing is normal to a certain degree, but i think this is too much. its a 2001 yz426. please keep it simple, don't know much about these things.
  4. silmo20

    Fork bushings

    i just bought the no slop fork bushings and hd springs. the bushings are so tight i can't slide them over the fork legs. whats the problem?
  5. silmo20

    tb 88cc

    just installed the trail bikes kit and was curious how hot it is supposed to run. i know its gonna be hotter than normal, but the right side case is too hot to touch. will this cause any damage to the stock head or anything like that? thanks.
  6. silmo20


    looking to change my rear sprocket on my 01 yz426. it has the stock 49 and i wanted to know how big of a difference a 50 would make. i do mostly trails but also like hitting the hill climbs. i'm not too worried about top speed but would still like to go fast.
  7. silmo20

    Rear tire

    I'm looking for a bigger rear tire on my 2001 YZ426. I'm looking for a 130 but i'm not sure if that big of a tire fits on a 19 inch rim. Whats the word?
  8. silmo20

    Header pipe

    Apparently I poked a whole in my header pipe. Anyone selling a stock one for cheap so i don't have to pay Yamaha's inflated price? Or, whats a good, cheap header pipe to put on with a FMF pipe?
  9. silmo20

    cracked(broken) motor casing

    sorry guys, i don't have the ability to post pics. also, its a 2001 yz426.
  10. i recently had the shortest ride in dirt bike history, literally 15 seconds. straight from the truck, went up a hill that had a little lip on it, caught some air, landed, stopped about 50 feet later to find oil gushing out. what ended up happening was i bottomed out, how i don't know, and the skidplate and frame bent and nailed the bottom oil plug and knocked it off out of the side. so, the drain plug went off sideways, towards the shifter that is, and blew out about an inch and a half of the motor casing with it. i'd say an inch and a half up and about 3/4s of an inch wide blew out, including the threads of the plug. so, who has info on prices to repair or what i will be looking at? did the best i could to explain with this essay.
  11. my buddy just bought a 2002 yz426 with a stock exhaust pipe. the guy says it doesn't have a spark arrestor in it. is this correct? if so, what are some options for putting one in?
  12. silmo20

    wr to yz exhaust?

    will a two brothers slip on exhaust off of a 2000 wr400 fit on a 2001 yz426? i'm not sure what model the pipe is.
  13. silmo20

    FMF Q pipe

    i just put this pipe on my 2001 yz426. it seems to hesitate on the low end then will kick in with power. what is causing this? to i need to adjust the fuel scew?