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  1. kx_rider53

    Worth it or not?

    There really is not that much to go wrong on a two stroke just because he rode it hard. The piston will wear out faster but as long as he was on top of the maintenance you should be fine. I much rather have someone who rides hard but really takes care of their bike than someone who rides trails occasionally and doesn't care.
  2. kx_rider53

    Enduro Bike question

    Well with enduros you race in the 86-200 CC class correct? I am not all that familiar but wouldn't you want to stay in the same class?
  3. Maybe a 250 two stroke? They are pretty easy in regards to maintenance if that is what you are looking for. I am sure you can score a new left over pretty cheap as well.
  4. kx_rider53

    Where are the fans???

    I really do wish they would bring a race to the Northeast. The closest race to me (in NJ) is probably Indianapolis which is still an 11 hour drive. I really don't see why they don't have one in Phili or in Giant stadium.
  5. kx_rider53

    Honda 2 Stroke - Model Year changes

    Anyone know about how much hp the late models 500s were making?
  6. kx_rider53

    kx 125 problems

    Could be a number of things. The transmission oil is separate from the crankshaft so shavings in that would not indicate anything about the crank. Did you have enough oil in the gas? Was the bike in gear before?
  7. kx_rider53

    Cutting out at WOT

    Float level could be off or the main jet could be clogged. Worth taking the carb apart and cleaning it and checking the float levels. If that doesnt work then id take a look at the power valve. It may be filled with carbon buildup.
  8. kx_rider53

    Jeremy RC callout

    MC was only good indoors RC was amazing outdoors and quite good indoors (he was better indoors than MC was outdoors) Stewart- not enough time to tell; dont think he will match ricky outdoors, but could beat MC indoors at this rate and be better than he was outdoors.
  9. Compression shorts are the best. I use them for any athletic activity.
  10. kx_rider53

    Anaheim 1 predictions

    James Reed Langston Allessi Tedesco
  11. kx_rider53

    best 2stroke oil

    Steve has helped me out with many questions ive had including this one and he has always been very accuarte with the information he gives; i would listen to him.
  12. kx_rider53

    best 2stroke oil

    Dont go cheap on premix. IMO Amsoil Dominator is top notch and thats what i use. I use ATF for the tranny and change it every ride.
  13. kx_rider53

    kx 125 pricing.....

    I was going to ask 2k for my 04. Check the garage.
  14. kx_rider53

    I will look cool

    It adds at least 6 hp. I have heard up to 10 though.