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  1. elarson

    Rekluse or Keihin ?

    Same deal here, but I have an '04 TE450. GP here in San Diego rejetted it and it runs great, but starting is a bitch. Any tips on starting (jetting or technique), or is switching to the Kehin or Rekluse the answer to this? Thanks!
  2. elarson

    2004 TE450 Steerer/Tripple Clamp Bearings

    Makes sense. Steerer tube has a slot that would allow gas (or water) to make its way to the bearing. Did you try using a punch to get the race out prior to having to use a dremel?
  3. Anyone out there had to replace the bnearings in their steerer/tripple clamp? Lower bearing is rusted due to moisture intrusion. Looks like the seal is not too good and the bearings came from the factory not too well greased. Wondering if anyone has an easy method for getting the race out of the steerer and if there are any aftermarket bearings that have improved seals. Thanks!