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  1. quadmodd

    06 slip on or full system pipe?

    :thumbs-up: I also have a Toomey slip-on I will sale you for 275.00 they are going for 369.00 right now, I paid 399.00 brand new, the pipe is in like brand new condition, silencer only. I need to get a quieter pipe for where I live. People around here are very set in standards! and I hate the laws around here!!!!
  2. quadmodd


    I run a Toomy slip-on, the pipe seems to give 6-7 more horses, but tends to be a high maintanance pipe and has a problem with blowing the screen spark arrestor clear out of the pipe, I have had it since about Feburary, and is exteremly loud! the end cap seems to blow off without no warning.
  3. quadmodd

    YFZ450 Sand Tires

    Believe this! At sand mtn. in Utah I ran some skat trak haulers, I did not do so well, ran a set of the Gecko's, didn't do so well, ran a set of the sand devil's and smoked everyone that I raced with the other tires, true story!
  4. quadmodd

    Banshee carbs or jetting

    My banshee starts on the first kick, idles great, but I still have to have a zip-tie around the base of the choke for the thing to run right.
  5. quadmodd

    Hot Cams or Jetting

    Clockwise or counter clockwise? I done it clockwise! is that OK!
  6. quadmodd

    cams,stage 1 ,stage 2

    OK, I installed the exhaust cam, but it was so hard to get started that I took the hotcam back out and installed the stock cam, advanced one tooth the bike starts easier, and I have the same results, except that the Big Gun rev box still makes the bike pop and miss at mid-to-high RPM? .It done this with the hotcam also. Can you tell me what the hell?
  7. quadmodd

    Looking for a new pipe

    I put on a new TOOMY slip-on, Its loud, but it looks good and I will sell it to you for cheap! How does 250.00 sound, I've only had it for about 3 months, it's just too loud for me.
  8. quadmodd

    Rev box ?

    I put a Big Gun in my bike. My quad is a 06 YFZ, It made my bike really sputter and backfire at high RPM, so beware there are no returns on these electrical parts!!!!!!!!!!
  9. quadmodd

    Banshee carbs or jetting

    The carb's quit flooding or running over after I reset the floats, but I still have to run with the choke a quarter of the way on for it to run right. I put a T.O.R.S. eliminator kit on, and set the carb's as directed.
  10. quadmodd

    Hot Cams or Jetting

    You were right on the dirtbike cam, I had to reinstall the stock exhaust cam and advance it one tooth, it still has a small hesitation when starting though. But after it is warm, it will almost start every time without having to give it a little gas. Thanx for the part #"s, that really helped out a bunch!
  11. quadmodd

    All 2006 YFZ owners BEWARE. Check this out!

    Hey, I also have a 2006 YFZ and I have done a lot of mods to it, but I would not have ever thought to check these bolts, I'll check and get back to you on what I found. Thanx a BUNCH!!!
  12. quadmodd

    06 yfz timing

    That depends on what you have as far as aftermarket parts. Do you have hotcams? For the best result that I had was just turn the exhaust cam one tooth clockwise, this is called the YZ or the WR timing of the dirt bike.
  13. quadmodd

    Hot Cams or Jetting

    I bought the exhaust cam from the thumpertalk store. And the intake cam from rocky mtn. atv. I will check the part #'s and see if I have the right cam!
  14. quadmodd

    Hot Cams or Jetting

    No really, What's the problem????
  15. quadmodd

    Honda should I worry?

    I have an 04 TRX450. I was wondering If I need to worry about the valves. I was told tha they have a coating that will wear off, then the problems start. It is cammed, jetted,piped, intake K@N(hot cam). Do I need to change anything?