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  1. Yamaha

    :thumbs-up: I also have a Toomey slip-on I will sale you for 275.00 they are going for 369.00 right now, I paid 399.00 brand new, the pipe is in like brand new condition, silencer only. I need to get a quieter pipe for where I live. People around here are very set in standards! and I hate the laws around here!!!!
  2. Yamaha

    I run a Toomy slip-on, the pipe seems to give 6-7 more horses, but tends to be a high maintanance pipe and has a problem with blowing the screen spark arrestor clear out of the pipe, I have had it since about Feburary, and is exteremly loud! the end cap seems to blow off without no warning.
  3. Yamaha

    Believe this! At sand mtn. in Utah I ran some skat trak haulers, I did not do so well, ran a set of the Gecko's, didn't do so well, ran a set of the sand devil's and smoked everyone that I raced with the other tires, true story!
  4. Yamaha

    My banshee starts on the first kick, idles great, but I still have to have a zip-tie around the base of the choke for the thing to run right.
  5. Yamaha

    Clockwise or counter clockwise? I done it clockwise! is that OK!
  6. Yamaha

    OK, I installed the exhaust cam, but it was so hard to get started that I took the hotcam back out and installed the stock cam, advanced one tooth the bike starts easier, and I have the same results, except that the Big Gun rev box still makes the bike pop and miss at mid-to-high RPM? .It done this with the hotcam also. Can you tell me what the hell?
  7. Yamaha

    I put on a new TOOMY slip-on, Its loud, but it looks good and I will sell it to you for cheap! How does 250.00 sound, I've only had it for about 3 months, it's just too loud for me.
  8. Yamaha

    I put a Big Gun in my bike. My quad is a 06 YFZ, It made my bike really sputter and backfire at high RPM, so beware there are no returns on these electrical parts!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yamaha

    The carb's quit flooding or running over after I reset the floats, but I still have to run with the choke a quarter of the way on for it to run right. I put a T.O.R.S. eliminator kit on, and set the carb's as directed.
  10. Yamaha

    You were right on the dirtbike cam, I had to reinstall the stock exhaust cam and advance it one tooth, it still has a small hesitation when starting though. But after it is warm, it will almost start every time without having to give it a little gas. Thanx for the part #"s, that really helped out a bunch!
  11. Yamaha

    Hey, I also have a 2006 YFZ and I have done a lot of mods to it, but I would not have ever thought to check these bolts, I'll check and get back to you on what I found. Thanx a BUNCH!!!
  12. Yamaha

    That depends on what you have as far as aftermarket parts. Do you have hotcams? For the best result that I had was just turn the exhaust cam one tooth clockwise, this is called the YZ or the WR timing of the dirt bike.
  13. Yamaha

    I bought the exhaust cam from the thumpertalk store. And the intake cam from rocky mtn. atv. I will check the part #'s and see if I have the right cam!
  14. Yamaha

    No really, What's the problem????
  15. Honda

    I have an 04 TRX450. I was wondering If I need to worry about the valves. I was told tha they have a coating that will wear off, then the problems start. It is cammed, jetted,piped, intake K@N(hot cam). Do I need to change anything?