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    Arizona Trails

    Check out www.ridingarizona.com, there are a ton of people from all over there. There are also some good links too. Cheers--
  2. Seekster

    Trailside tools

    Wow Urge that's a pretty impressive list. I must admit I don't normally carry enough. You should take a pic of the contents of the bag, and then the bag loaded to show us just how easy it would be for all of us to be well equipped. Where do you carry the bag of goodies anyhow? -Moredesert- my main long mile partner, carries many of the same things as Urge and then some in his camelback backpack. Maybe he can list off the contents of his goodie bag as I know he can fix just about anything not internal on the trail, and has sweeping professionally for tour groups.
  3. Seekster

    Anyone setup for flattracking?

    Thanks for the info, I'll try them. Any listers out there setup already?
  4. I'm thinking of trying my hand at flattracking and wondering if anyone has setup their DRZ for it before? I'm not talking full bore setup, but basically making the stock components work. Suspension setup, lowering, tire selection... etc.. If I'm into it I'll spring for some 19 inchers and maybe a shock eventually. I'd like to keep parts swappable for off roading which is the bikes main use. Thanks ya'll--
  5. Seekster

    Broke frame

    ROFLOL!!!! I have to second that!
  6. Seekster

    What injuries have you had?

    I broke my right collar bone last year in Death Valley. I was haulin' on some 2-track, crossing from the left track to the right and the back tire bounced hard off a head sized half buried rock. It shot the bike and I over onto my shoulder. It hurt, they gave me a sling, I was back riding in 6 weeks, all is well. Other than that on the dirt, just the normal bumps and bruises. On the street... to keep it short, someone turned left in front of me and I broke just about everything on my left side. Bang, wheelchair, recovered, still ride most everyday, living life not watching it. L8r all--
  7. Seekster

    Fuel screw 'O' Ring and washer

    Just for my own edification, what order do these all go in? Jet then spring then....
  8. Seekster

    Goggles ?

    I've had Scotts and Oakleys, and both were just about the same to me. Now I run Smith Warps because they press into my face less. Aside from the tightness I can't say I percieved a real difference in any performance-wise. I got stuck in the dark in a dusty area with smoked lenses and vowed never to run anything but clear again, but those ProGrips may be worth a look.
  9. Seekster

    Proof EKP needle works better

    Was there any change to the pilot setting? Being that the fuel cuts in harder with the EKP I thought there may be the need to find the right setting again. If not, leaning the pilot may get back some of the mileage and maybe see a little power. Limiting the accelerator pump may come into play at this point as well.
  10. Seekster

    Block Connector for Taffy Mod

    mnelson78, go to Monterey Hobbies or SRS Hobbies, walk in and say I'd like a 3/32" wheel collar. About 15 seconds later you will be walking to the cash register with a $1 part. If you are over the hill try Castle Hobbies or Sheldon's Hobbies, I've used both. I just relocated to AZ from San Jose and frequented these. They'll have them for sure. L8r--
  11. Seekster

    Always chew gum!!

    Yeah I love the old gas trick it always gets a great reaction, but I wasn't even alive in '69!
  12. Seekster

    $4600 for new 2000 DRZE, Good Deal?

    '00 all the way! If the seals or anything of the like go bad you have a warranty, and you can buy the extended if it would make you feel better but I wouldn't. I'm also going to have to second the spending some of the saved money on upgrades etc.. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wished they saved this much on the purchase price. The newer model is just not different enough to be a factor given the mods you can do with the dollars saved. Good Luck--
  13. I went down to the local hobby store and bought some 3/32" collars that did the job perfect. For $1.29 I got 4 nickle plated collars and the allen wrench came with them. The boot slides snugly over it and you have an easy access single screw adjustment. L8r g8r's--