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    Really? I never see too much of a problem over there. On another note, more and more people from SMJ are filtering over everyday to see what's going on.
  2. Unfortunately, your right. Check it out: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=454456
  3. Blome


    Sure...for our dirt riding brutha's. I vote visordown.
  4. Blome


  5. Good to know. I was thinking about going that direction, but now I won't. That sucks though cause it seemed like a cheaper way to do it.
  6. I just got off the phone with a rep at IMS and they said they had a 4.1 gallon tank that would fit the 2005-2006 SMC. He said that it takes a little work to get it on, but it will fit. Has anybody acutally used one of their tanks on their SMC? I asked him how it looked, but he didn't know for sure. It really pisses me off that KTM makes this bike with such a small fuel range for the street and doesn't have any easy or cheap aftermarket upgrades. &%$#@! man?
  7. Blome

    shes done!!!

    Good catch.
  8. Blome

    shes done!!!

    Nope, it's an L and nice one at that. There's the ever magical e-start button that seperates the R's from the L's.
  9. I only saw the 2004 SXC 4.0gal tank. Was there anything for the 2006 SMC?
  10. Blome

    What Exhaust?

    Where's you get them from and how much were they?
  11. A lot of supermoto's are lowered to lower the center of gravity and improve the handling.
  12. Blome

    05 625smc - value?

    That's an excellent price especially for a dealer. You won't regret buying it.
  13. Blome

    KTM's new LC4 replacment!

    The LC8 certainly fits the bill for a newly developed v-twin from KTM. I would welcome a 60hp single cylinder, nearly maintenance free, engine for the street. I'm almost certain most members of this board would too. Sure their are 450's and 550's out there that produce 60 or more horsepower, but they all require exponentially more maintenance than an LC4 does.
  14. Blome

    what KTM ???

    Add the Duke II to that list.
  15. Blome

    Honda XR600r stator

    Here you go: http://www.all-offroad.com/DirtBikes/TrailTips/XRStatorRewind.html, but if I could just make one suggestion I think you should just get it done or swap it for a Ricky Stator. You're not gonna save yourself much money and it takes a lot of time. If baja designs does it for you it's $130 and they give you as much help as you need hooking it up plus it's wound for dual output at about 140w each circuit. Ricky stators (I haven't had any experience with these) can be found for $130-150 with a swap of your old stator. Save yourself the headache and just get one from these guy's, it's worth it.