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  1. stizo

    sacramento riders

    Don't forget Rock Creek Road. There are endless roads/goat trails/fire roads to tear up. btw What up Anthony? It's Mike (black sm/red 636).
  2. stizo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I've posted clean pics of my sm so here's a couple dirty pics. After a wicked ride last weekend.
  3. stizo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    lol. Suicycle is a local bike shop here in Sac. They have the best prices and will meet or beat anyone's prices.
  4. stizo


    I guess.?. I had no problems mounting them to my fat bars it was actually very simple. Blue locktite on all the bolts and snugged the hell out of them. I could lift the bike up using both handguards and they don't spin/move? The set on my bike were used/crashed by another guy on an SM before I picked them up and they're still straight. After re-reading your original post I see they're going on an S which means that they'll take more of a beating off road as opposed to the streets/cart tracks so maybe you'd be better off with the Cycra's.
  5. stizo


    Acerbis rally pro.
  6. stizo

    dual stars

    I have a 3" crg ls on my street/trackbike and thought about putting it on the SM but don't really want to smash up an $80 mirror on a fire road. I've also tried an MSR mirror which vibrated all over the place so I took it off. After looking around I decided on a KTM Duke 2 mirror w/adapter which was about $40 (mirror $22 adapter $16). Visibility is awesome and just a tad bit more buzzy than stock.
  7. stizo

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Wow those are some awesome pics!
  8. stizo

    Owner Survey, Year, Color, Style, Miles

    07 Black SM 4500 miles
  9. stizo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    just cleaned her up a bit.
  10. stizo

    SM Rear Shock Question/Problem/Mystery

    Neil thank you very much...... Project for next Saturday.
  11. stizo

    SM Rear Shock Question/Problem/Mystery

    Didn't even thing about that. Thanks! Quick question though when regreasing the linkage and pivot shaft is it necessary to completely remove them? Is there anyway to regrease them while still mounted on the bike? Sorry for all the questions. Maybe if you can a quick how to would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The Bike: 07 400SM Miles: 4k + Type of riding: Mainly twistes/canyons ridden extremely hard w/the occasional fire road excursion. Rider: 195 lbs w/full gear Problem: Today I went out on a quick canyon blast and mid ride the bike felt like I had a flat back tire. I pulled over put down the kickstand and the bike was sitting straight up! W.T.F? After getting off the bike the rear suspension was still compressed! again W.T.F??? I then bounced the rear and it unfroze. I then stiffened up the rear 1 click (full stiff) and the bike handled just like normal. Didn't do it again for the rest of my ride 60 miles after the fact. Could it have just been debris since the roads were sanded at higher elevations where I was riding? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I've already inspected the shock for leaks (none), fully adjusted (full hard to full soft), and bounced the crap out of it. I just don't want this happening again. What could have caused this and should I bring it back to the dealer since it's still under warranty? Lastly I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I'm at a New Years Party and made my way to my buddies' laptop because this has been bothering the fu@% out of me since this afternoon.
  13. stizo

    Polisport EMX Dual Headlight feedback?

    Will do. I'm ordering it Monday so hopefully I'll have it within the week.