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  1. Supercross

    well $hit your link worked.. wonder what that p2p or whatever means now? anyway thanks man. I enjoy watching there videos
  2. Supercross

    anybody know whats up with vurb moto mx site? it's been down for weeks for me? did they move to other domain name?
  3. Supercross

    i agree i guess i am just more in shock that how well reed looked. I am having the to good to be true feeling. Hopefully reed does pick it up and capitalize on stewarts mistakes. Sure would love to have reed beat stewie heads up atleast once in my live time...
  4. Supercross

    ok first off i am not a #7 fan. I do believe he is the fastest rider in the world and does stuff on a bike that people that really race are just shocked. I guess i am getting sick of everybody saying chad was so much faster. Yes i like chad and i want him to win but even i can admit the obvious. SO chad passes stewart and puts almost a 2 second gap on stewart and then if you look closely you will see stewart get back in the attack mode and catch chad on the same lap. Did anybody take notice to this? instead of his mis shift or bog bike??
  5. guess nobody knows.. that ashley folex however you spell her name rides with some kind of brace. I believe it is a CTI but not sure.. Somebody has to know something..
  6. I have broken my wrist at least 4 or 5 times so i recently sold my 08 450 and quit racing to heal up and get a good year off. Anyway my question is what brace is best. I can't find anything feedback about the CTI brace and i really don't need another wrap style brace like 661 offers. So my question is does anybody know of any feedback about the CTI and where i can order one. Thanks
  7. does anybody know a wrist brace or something that works for the right wrist. I keep having problems and would love to get a good quality brace. I know cti used to make a brace but i keep hearing they don't anymore? does anybody know of anything
  8. what does that mean? did i break something ? i need to know more about this and what to do?
  9. so friend let me barrow 06 yz 250 f to ride a couple times.. anyway after i got done washing it today everybody told me to blow the the hole on the throttle side of the cylinder out with air. So i did and when I did i heard a pop. NOt sure it it was the air backfiring against the air gun or if something broke inside. I started the bike up and it sounded fine. Just wanted to know if i did any damage or if i could have done any damage
  10. Friend of mine is letting me ride is 06 250f yz. I normally ride a cr 450 but since i sold mine i just wanted to ride around. Anyway i have been working on his bike to get it ready so i can ride it. I was changing the oil and realized this is totally not like my honda. Anyway i was wondering if anybody knew how many CC's of oil i put in the engine. I only saw one oil cap to pour the oil in but drained 2 bolts on the bottom. Just want to make sure this bike has the correct amount of oil. Also anything i should look for or listen for when riding to know when its about to blow? Keep hearing these 250fs blow up all the time? Thanks for the help
  11. Supercross

    well since everybody is talking about the whole black white girl thing.. She is White.. my friend who knows the stewarts very very well and has grown up with him. Anyway he built what we call his "compound" = all the houses on his estate. Anyway she is White and a local girl too. To answer everybody's real question i have never seen her so i couldn't tell you if she is HOT, but she is WHITE
  12. i know this happens from time to time.. HELLO that's why i am asking DOES anybody know how this happens with the technology we have today
  13. my friend with the 08 yz 450 changed oil after every other ride. clean filter after every ride. He is a B rider the only thing is he did go threw clutches. I think 3, but still. i mean he has about 1500 in parts.. The only conclusion i had for it was he rode it like his 07 250f and rev-ed it more. But he bought that yz because it has best reliability. well what we thought. But anyway I hear this from all bike manufactures and I just wondered how bike with only 31 hours could do that
  14. first off i am all for new technology.. efi.. hybrid cars stuff like that when its in a positive direction. Now i heard the 09 efi Kaw is like 10lbs heavier then the 08 does anybody know the weights. Because i feel its taking a step back if we are putting more weight on these bikes just to not have to jet a bike