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    04 ttr 125 not starting

    hi i have a ttr 125 that hasnt been running right for quite some time. When i go to kick start it, the bike will idle for about a second or 2 and then shut off. The only way i can get it to start is to take off the hose going the the carb and spra y a shot of starter fluid in there a few times until it gets to an idle. After it gets warm enough if it get shut off it turns back on fine. Im thinking it has somthing to do with the fuel screw being set at too low of a setting to not let enough fuel in becuase also when its idling (when warm), it almost sounds like the bike is off. can sombody please help me?
  2. factory_yamaha_racing

    quick question about oil for you yz 250f owners

    year is either an 03, 04, or 05, it doesnt have an aluminum frame. (by the way i dont have the bike im just wondering. im buying one soon after my yz 125 gets sold and ive just heard that the oil goes through the frame and i thought that was weird to do that).
  3. Where does the oil go in at? i was told it goes through the frame? if so that doesnt really make sense.