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  1. Mtnarcher715

    Moab a complete F****** disaster

    Moab is/has been on my avoid list for years.
  2. Mtnarcher715

    CORCS first time racer...advice?

    I assume ColoradoQuadRacer is talking about guys in the quad race cutting course. Digitizzle I hope made it out to give it a try. For anyone else wanting to try Corcs, just bring your trail gear and give it a shot. There is a learning curve so just go with what you have and ride within your ability. Everyone at the line is nervous so don't worry about it. It's a long race and things get spread out so forget everyone else and ride YOUR best. You can see your lap times and the results along with where you placed online a day or so later. Be happy with it or work harder to do better next time. Good people and lots of fun. You just need to give it a try.
  3. Mtnarcher715

    Hackberry and Haystack Info Please

    We are heading down to ride some of NM. We are going to hit Haystack for a couple days and visit Roswell. Then we are heading to Hackberry. I have a 36' Toyhauler so possible camping locations would be great. Actually any information you can give about these and other areas that might be better riding opportunities would be appreciated.
  4. Mtnarcher715

    7 in. of snow in Green River

    We were going to get of at exit 131 and head north towards Cane Wash Cutoff. We have a 36' toyhauler. Any suggestions for where to park and camp?
  5. Mtnarcher715

    Ten Mile Wash/Moab Riders take notice

    What he said! There was a guy on a quad hiit one of my sons a couple years ago. He was looking back. Lucky for him the bike and kid were alright.
  6. Mtnarcher715

    7 in. of snow in Green River

    We plan on heading out on the 17th. I would like to hit the Swell and Moab.Should we cancel?