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  1. katek

    is a kx250f a girls bike?

    im the only girl in my town who is actually interested in riding -so im sourrounded by guys laughing and contantly comments about how i wouldnt be able to handle it and i should only get a 110 or somthing cos girls cant handle power- it sucks ass
  2. katek

    is a kx250f a girls bike?

    thanks guys u've given me heaps of good advice...the comment that it wasnt a girls bike was followed by....im just dont want u to get hurt honey. what a crock of S**t hey? so now im thinking i might just go and get myself one! ive moved out to the desert so i dont know how it will handle all the sandhills and rocks, im 5'5" and 118 lbs so im a little on the smaller side . I can get a really good deal on this kxf250 and i really want it but not if it cant handle the area cos ill be riding it on some kickass big sandhills.
  3. im thinking of buying a kx250F but i've been told that its not a girls bike...that its got too much power? what do u recon?