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  1. Jeff k

    Broken cams? Warrenty replacement?

    when my cam broke i called the dealer i bought the bike from and they said this is a race bike that has NO warrenty so i called another dealer same thing then i called the 800 number and was told they would put it on my vin that my cam broke and that was it so i ordered the parts and got it fixed then i found out honda has replaced them with new motors so i made some calls and found this guys number from honda and after talking to 2 guys from honda he said i cant get my $ back iam thinking so i said well i was told by 2 dealers tuff luck so he said he would call me back on tues and a day later still no call so i think iam going to push this .........WHAT DO YOU THINK.............AND iam out $800
  2. Jeff k

    CRF 150R Broken Cam Photo

    I got ahold of someone at honda today and they told me they would have replaced my motor if i had not of bought after market parts but he said he will try to get me some parts to help out for the trouble i have had with this cam he said ill get a call back so we will see
  3. Jeff k

    CRF 150R Broken Cam Photo

    Italked to the dealer and they said tuff luck so i order all my parts and then i found out honda has replaced them with new motors so i called honda today and i was told they would not do anything for me the cause i fixed the motor so i said you just kick me to the curb ....so now i say honda they need to STEP UP and do something
  4. Jeff k

    CRF 150R Broken Cam Photo

    The bike had 15 hours on it and just a pipe
  5. Jeff k

    adding disc brake

    Check out this rear brake http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=18078&cat=2
  6. Jeff k

    sunday GORMAN RIDE

    Anyone want to go gorman this sunday there will be a few slow and fast guys 150s to 450s are going xjonesterx@yahoo.com
  7. Jeff k

    CRF150f can it be street legal in CT?

    yes it can i live in Ca and just got my 150 plated
  8. Jeff k

    Ride On Sunday At Gorman

  9. Jeff k

    Anyone Hungry? Oct. 21

    Anyone want to got on sunday and hit the trails