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  1. rcripper

    fork movement?

    using OEM seals and bushings, never checked before disassembling the forks, the movement is all directions, maybe less than 3/32" movement.
  2. rcripper

    fork movement?

    just installed new fork bushings and seals on my 08crf450 showa forks, i noticed some movement while the forks are extended. Is this normal? 80hrs on forks with 3 oil services.. used OEM parts Thanks!
  3. rcripper

    CRF450 08 suspension help

    Thanks for reply dirttraker, but after doing more research i think im going to use the stock 08 comp midvalve and take out 1 20x1. Aroumbl (Thumper talk member) suggested doing this and milling down the spacer-.10mm , unfortunetly i dont know what spacer his talking about to keep the float the same or keep the forks up in the stroke Can anyone chime on what the spacer is to mill .10mm due to removing one .10 shim on the comp MV. if i had any clue there is a spacer or collar that is 7.9mm OD 6mm ID and 1.9mm width on the comp MV. Thanks!
  4. local Florida MX B rider/racer 200lbs w/gear Stock suspension w/stiffer front springs .47kg My goal is to remove the midstroke harshness, I have read as much i could, but i stillhave a few ?,s. Seems like the midvalve needs attension. Several years ago a local suspension tuner gave me some parts of an 07 crf450 midvalve, but after doing some research something does not add up. Stock MidValve comp Cup Spring Collar 7.87x1.86mm 1x20 6ea 1x19 1ea 3x9 3ea 2x9 1ea 07 crf450 modded mid valve comp 07 cup 07 Spring Collar 7.87x2.26mm 1x20 2ea 1x17 2ea 2x10 2ea 2x9.5 2ea i'm also going up one spring rate for the shock Thanks, Rodney
  5. rcripper

    yz250f ahrd starting when hot

    Krannie, i wonder if a worn choke mechanism would also cause this? the dude posting this, his choke will not stay out when u pull on it, it just retracts. rod sasina
  6. yes, reving n nuetral
  7. the power valve is not stuck, when i rev it nothing moves. the powervalve shaft going into the case is heavly spring loaded and does move when i use a screw driver. Bike seems to ack like its craszy rich. Thanks, Rod
  8. rcripper

    crf450 all valves zero'd?

    2008 crf450 50hrs, all orginal components local c class rider, weekend warrior, non racer well maintained I adjusted the valve after 10hrs, and checked at 20&30hrs no problem, though the last 20hrs the all the valves zero'd, should i shim and check again more frequently? also whats your opinion on the piston and crank replacement intervals for my skill level of riding. thanks rod
  9. rcripper

    what ratio do you run on your bike?

    this topic can get gritty! for me it boils down to rider skill, terrain, size bike, and type of oil. typically if u are fast or are riding sand or even heavily modded bike u will need more oil. if u use full syn u can use less oil- most brands there are so many variables into choosing the right oil mixture. i use spectro exclusively, golden spectro premix for all my two strokes, even lawn equipment. I'm a local b-rider and on a stock 125 i ran 50:1 with no oil related failures, 50:1 i used for typical heat/track conditions, for sand tracks i would use a little more oil, like 40-45:1. I run 60:1 for my lawn equipment, and i got a cheap blower and weedeater that are 9yrs old and running on the same plugs and run great!
  10. rcripper

    paper head gasket?

    what brand of gaskets are u using, oem i think is the best, though i have used cometic with good results. also oil the head bolts before installation, and make sure the bolts spin freely
  11. rcripper

    paper head gasket?

    never heard of such a thing
  12. rcripper

    Yamaha YZ250F

    if u are not a serious rider/racer get the yami, their engines are bullet proof!!!! and the suspension/chassis is very stable. though if u want more power and more competitive suspension get the kawi or even better buy the best condition bike for your money! rod
  13. rcripper

    paper head gasket?

    paper=no! is the head warped? is it completely free from oil on installation, do u use a torque wrench in the proper tighting pattern? rod
  14. rcripper

    AMSoil...what ratio?

    how hard u ride can be a factor in oil ratio, i heard some factory bikes back in the day ran 15:1, i think this was due to load/Hp factor and that they ran the piss out of the bike.
  15. rcripper

    strange jetting with c12 race gas?

    a proper 2 stroke jetting with fresh packing shouldnt spooge. check your plug, or do a plug chop with a new plug, that will give a better idea on jetting.