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  1. WRrider63

    Oregon Dunes Suggestions

    Spinreel does not have showers. You can duck under the yard hydrant for a quick rinse off though
  2. WRrider63

    New Survey

  3. WRrider63

    Frostbite/Whiteknuckle March 24th/25th

    Last year I stayed at the Best Western in Ritzville. About a 1/2 hour drive, not to bad
  4. WRrider63

    10 worst bikes of all time

    Years ago , my brother tried to flattrack his TM400 at Monroe . Sure enough, coming out the turn it stood straight up and went directly for the wall. First and last time for that bike
  5. WRrider63

    Washington 07 crf250r

    Where is the best place to take a 07 CRF250R head for valve work in the Snohomish county area ? Is there a decent place to get a reasonable replacement head?
  6. WRrider63

    Everett Endurocross

    Went in with a bunch of friends and rented a suite. last year was one of the most entertaining events i have ever attended:banana:
  7. WRrider63

    June 18th Team Tortoise HS @ Burnt Ridge

    I didn't know there was any slow guys in this class, seems like the older I get, everybody else gets faster:banghead:
  8. WRrider63

    a real LOSS

    this totally pisses me off, I have many freinds who also ride street(scott being one of them)who are out doing what they enjoy and some A hole not paying attention takes them.I just hope we dont lose anymore of our freinds to careless idiots:foul:
  9. WRrider63

    Washington 04 yamaha wr250 head

    Help, I broke a valve Sunday during the White knuckle,anybody know where I can find a good head at a decent price?
  10. WRrider63

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    Those factory KTM riders must be really fast,Because of all the years I've been to the desert (First time was 1976) I have never seen them.
  11. WRrider63

    CRF250 R Seat

    Will a seat off a 05 fit on a 07?
  12. WRrider63

    trailer rentals

    Has anybody dealt with Luv2camp trailer rentals on the Oregon coast? If so,how was your experience with them?
  13. WRrider63

    Luv2camp rentals

    Has anybody had any experience with the Luv2camp trailer rentals,Good or Bad
  14. WRrider63

    Yellow Hill Trail in the Teanaway

    How does this trail compare to the Mt. Clifty trail at Taneum?
  15. WRrider63

    Bike Raffle

    I just bought a couple, Our prayers go out to Jason and his family, Dave