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  1. Here ya go: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7521183334677097373
  2. Here's the one I made. It's not quite as nice as a bbr but it was free. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j158/captaingonads/PIC_0003.jpg
  3. I seen this on here awhile ago. This guy's pretty good. http://media.putfile.com/Wheelies33
  4. http://www.dansmc.com/Spark_Plugs/Spark_Plugs_catalog.html
  5. What about the titanium powerband with carbide tips. I heard it will nearly double the horsepower if you proporly rejet your radiator, plus you will never have to change the tips on it.
  6. pretty cool, but I think I'll stick with my sled. Honestly, which looks more fun http://media.putfile.com/slednecks-8
  7. hello, I'm going to be looking for a 125 in a few weeks and I was just wondering if anybody knows of any. I'll only have around $2000 to spend. It dosn't matter if if running or not as long as it won't take too much work to get it going. Thanks.
  8. What's propely? I used plastic primer, paint and then clear coat. 2-3 layers of each. I'v put it down a couple times and there's only a few small scratches, not very noticable, on the left # plate. Oh well, live and learn, I'll take what I can get for it and buy somthing thats actually big enough to ride. Thanks
  9. The risers will be coming off and i'm going to fix some other things on it to make it look better. Paint is holding up alot better than I expected. either way those prices seem a little low. around here stock ones are going for $2000cdn which equals about $1800US.
  10. How much would you pay for this bike? It's a 2001 tt-r 125 with: -Airbox mod and uni filter -exhaust mod- Baffles taken out, shortend, and larger tip added. -Bored .040 to 130cc with wiseco 11:1 piston -Homemade framecradle, Looks almost as good as bbr's -Got rid of the linkage on the shifter and bent, bolted and welded it to fit on the shift shaft -Paint, stickers etc. -D.I.D. o-ring chain and soon new bars will be added. all of the mods were done this spring and it's in excellent condition.
  11. My vote goes to Royal Distributing
  12. hey look what I found Waterloo ontario http://cycleimprovements.com/
  13. What an idiot. I could have done better on my lawnmower
  14. too bad the train didn't hit him. Then I would have really laughed my a$$ off.
  15. deleted, my brother posted some b.s.