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  1. crf450-killer

    Beginners on bigger bikes

    My first bike was a crf450r. Got it three weeks ago. POWER POWER POWER POWER POWER
  2. crf450-killer

    hard starting.

    Thanks you guys I fanely, got it started!!!!!! It was the dang idle screw!! turned it in 2 turns and it started on the therd kick I must have kicked it 150 times my right foot is SORE!!!!
  3. crf450-killer

    hard starting.

    HI, I have a 2003 crf450 and I cant get it to start!! I put in a new plug -new oiled air filter -new 91 gas. new plug,It backfires when I kick it over but nothing. I have a good spark. I left the gas on but will it hert it?? When I try to start It I'm in neutral, I hold the clutch, I choke it, no throttle, I have the gas on?? I just got it used from a dealer the sad they gave it a full tune up. I riden it 2 times for 2-3hrs and no problems. should give it a little throtle??
  4. crf450-killer

    my first dirt bike

    Thanks for the offer but the dealer gave me a manual for it. Thay told me thay gave it full tune up. it runs great but its hard to kick it over.
  5. crf450-killer

    my first dirt bike

    O BOY this thang has POWER!!! I got to ride it today, I did fine for 2-3hrs went up some relly big hill climbs!!! but I gave it to much throttle going up a hill and it flipet back on me bent the muffer and broke the rear fender, and clutch lever I was all geared up so I was fine. I have a ltz400 4 wheeler with a thumb throttle so I'v had a hard time geting use to the twist throttle
  6. crf450-killer

    my first dirt bike

    Well, it's not my first bike >> I have a Honda CT90 trail bike, but it's really gutless. So, I went to my dealer got me a '03 CRF450R. They told me it is too big for me. I have not yet had a chance to ride it since I got it. It has been raining/snowing here the last 6 days
  7. crf450-killer

    my first dirt bike

    I just got my first dirt bike a 2003 crf450r can you guys tell me any first time rider tips/tricks Also is there any problems with the 2003??