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  1. for my stock 2000 S? Can't seem to find them online. My 606 is about down to the air. -Tony (in Raleigh/Durham NC)
  2. tk74du

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    Today while ridding back to work from lunch I spotted (and ran down) one of those 250cc street cruiser (wanna-be) bikes headed for my favorite hair pin 90 to the right (he thought he was sooo cool with his little saddle bags). I timed it just right and caught him just as we entered the turn. He took the inside line so I was gonna be a nice guy and take him on the outside (not my normal track). Anyway, the thrill of the chase-n-capture caused me to push my aging 606's past their limit (on the outside line) and she started to let go as I goosed the throttle mid turn for the back-out (did a nice power slide all the way through but the trash on the outside line sealed my fate). Long story short; he got away, I got road rash:cripple: .
  3. tk74du

    To clutch or not on the road??

    I got to practice some unplanned no-clutching on my way home from work tonight. Dang cable broke; didn't want to walk; no cell phone to call the wife. Worked out pretty well though once I got rolling. Had to do some creative stoplight timming/avoidance. I could tell that there was a little more shock in the driveline than usual but these are tough old bikes. Just got to get the feel of when to roll of the throttle and shift. Ya know, be patient and wait a couple nano seconds to let everything in the driveline go slack before you grab the next gear up - at or near the inflection point. Downshifting requires some careful feathering as well. And so, like everything else with this bike; once I've practiced/learned a new skill/technique, the fun-factor just keeps getting better.