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  1. kloock959

    04 RM-Z 250 / Good Buy? - Has issue

    If he's willing to sign his name to it, why wouldn't he just clean the carb, and possibly show you how in the process?? Then you can go from there...
  2. kloock959

    Any way to understand if I need piston?

    follow your manual, your reading is going to be lower than 125 ish because there is auto decompression.
  3. well by experience of the same proccedure being done. Mine ended up being overfilled (oil) and blowing the bladder out of the bottom. I've learned this is a way many shops may do things but, may not be the best.
  4. kloock959

    04 rmz 250 shock

    To much oil, it's starting to make sence! I assume the only way for that to happen would be bleeding the shock without proper pressure on the bladder?
  5. kloock959

    04 rmz 250 shock

    exactly like the bottom pic
  6. kloock959

    04 rmz 250 shock

    i figured he ment underfilled ( having air left in) Thanks for the help. quality work is deff. in the details, figured it wouldn't have been an issue because the shop has done right many times in the past, including my race sled shocks... or am I lucky I havn't seen damage to thoughs too?..?.. Thanks again
  7. kloock959

    04 rmz 250 shock

    I talked with the shop that did the work and I was under the impression that the oil was filled and bled through the shaft?? Said they didn't remove the bladder to bleed or fill. could that have caused it to hydro-lock? Thanks
  8. kloock959

    04 rmz 250 shock

    What would cause a shock bladder to blow? Charged to high? Oil weight? shock was just serviced about 3 ride hours prior with slightly heavier oil. Also blew out the bottom of the resivour.
  9. kloock959

    Homemade Frame Guards?

    not sure on the 3m clear but i've always used " Grip tape " not sure exactly what its called but it's a black rough tape that is used on steps for traction. holds up really well.
  10. kloock959

    250f help

    what we've got is an 02' yz250f. it is running rich, rich to the point were the plug is black carbon. we have been through the basics, carb. clean, float level, back to stock jetting. runs normal and will start with a clean plug, then run it as long as you want untill you let it cool. it will not start after the bike is cold and the plug is always been black. note: no changes, was running fine the week before. any info. will be helpful.
  11. kloock959

    CRF70 carb problem...HELP!!!

    A: as stated above stuck float b:check for dirt in carb bowl, float pin not seating properly. if you haven't had this problem before i would not change float level unless nessesary.