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  1. Cool thanks guys, my buddy had some parts laying around so i was hoping they would fit easily, still prob gonna get the fender and plate... im stoked to have a 125 again, cant wait to hit the track!!
  2. Just picked up a mint 04 kx125, had a few questions about it. will a newer 250f front fender and #plate bolt up? will the 250f wheels bolt up? v force or rad valve? thanks!!!
  3. Hi guys i just picked this bike up today and dont have a manual for it. i want to change the oil before i ride the bike does anyone know where i can download a free one? thanks!!
  4. well i went down today and cleaned the carb out.... again lol, she runs great now thanks guys!
  5. cool, i had to turn the idle up also so maybe ill try that and if that dont work ill tear the carb back out.
  6. hmmm, i just cleaned the carb out last week and completly flushed the old gas but the float is still sticking sometimes. so you guys are pretty sure thats what it is? i guess im taking it back out again! lol
  7. my bike sat all winter in a basement. from time to time the basement got a little moist, i dont know if that has anything to do with this problem or not. now when you start the bike it has a rough idle and when you rev it, it pops and back fires constantly. and every now and then it kind of holds its idle for an extra few seconds when reved. any help... thanks
  8. i got the clamps on the way, thanks mxr64k
  9. i need a brake rotor for my 06 crf 250, it has a 05 crf 450 front wheel im not sure if there is a differance. if anyone wants to sell one let me know. thanks!
  10. pm's sent thanks guys
  11. if anyone has one i really really really need one, im willing to pay for it let me know asap!! thanks (sorry if this is in the wrong forum)
  12. well i went today and bought my new bike, after several days of deciding i went with the honda, i got the bike for 5k out the door!!
  13. wow to be honest the kawi really didnt cross my mind, i have a crf 450 and then i rode my buddys 06 crf and i loved it but then i sat on the yamaha and also liked it, they didnt have the kawi on display but it sounds like its worth looking into. thanks for the help so far and keep the opinions coming!
  14. what is the best overall 250cc four stroke between Yamaha Honda Suzuki Kawasaki i can get the suzuki for $4500 new but should i just spent $500 more and get another brand? i plan on buying it wednesday so i could use some opinions. thanks