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  1. ksut

    East Coast Wheel issues

    got my wheels back from ECW on Friday. there were a couple of dings but they looked pretty good. The brake rotor and relocation bracket were not in there and the sent them out on Friday. I have a tracking number on that and it is due in on Friday. I may have dodged a bullet. I will search this site more thouroughly next time.
  2. ksut

    East Coast Wheel issues

    I too was told they would be out this week and that all the staff was at Daytona Bike week. I called today and was unable to get even the machine. I, unfortunately, sent my hubs to them. I now am starting to get concerned. If you work there let your boss know this stuff is being said so we can get this stuff completed.
  3. ksut

    East Coast Wheel issues

    I did get an email and a call on Friday from ECW. They are at Daytona Bike Week and said they would have my rims out next week.
  4. ksut

    East Coast Wheel issues

    I have some wheels being built as well and found that just recently I have not be able to get a hold of anyone and they wont' return my calls or my emails. They already have charged my card. If anyone knows what is going on with this I would appreciate it.
  5. I bought a Baja Designs baja kit for my 2000 YZ 426F and found that I now need a WR stator ($250+) a WR Flywheel ($250+) and a CDI unit ($not sure). Is there another route? I did contact a company with an external stator like Baja Designs used to sell. Any input would be appreciated.