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    Standing while street riding??

    You'd probably be the one to have to prove you weren't guilty of reckless driving rather than the cop. The courts put more weight on the cop's word and initial ticket writing judgement. But, it's not the same as driving a car while standing up or other such nonsense is it? Still, other than when shaking off the monkey-butt, why push your luck?
  2. I remember making up a rudimentary chain guard for CR500 now. Nothing special. It's been a long time, but I think I just used existing bolts on the bike-maybe even bolting together the chain guard's vertical pieces to the long horizontal piece over the chain. Most strips have a test n tune day or night. The best time to go actually. If you wait for a regular drag day you'll be in the staging lanes or pits waiting for all the other cars to run. Or worse waiting for when they 'let the bikes run' off and on during the session. I took a CR250, then a TT500, later the CR500. A good way to test jetting and some other things. It's probably $20 at Milan or Lapeer dragstrip for example. I drag raced with my MX gear on..always good for someone to come over afterwards and say how amazed they were that a dirt bike could be that fast. Like when I blew off that Buick Grand National.. I don't think they let cars n bikes race/practice against each other so much anymore. You do need something that looks like a chain guard though..
  3. I used to take my dirt bikes just for fun. My '87 CR500 went 12.35@107 mph.. would have gone into the 11s if I could have used an even smaller rear sprocket
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new here at ThumperTalk, and have some questions.. I'm thinking about getting an XR650 here in the US and breaking it down into sub-pieces to ship overseas. I could avoid using boxes that were odd-sized if I just left those tall rims here in the US and bought new rims overseas. Are the rims on the newer XR650s essentially just standard pattern 18" & 21"? (hmm thinking about it, I might be able to put a rim in a suitcase..)