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  1. Woodman0007

    08 klx450r charging problems

    It's an interstate replacement. with the bike running I thought the charging system might put out more voltage. I was not very clear with my question. Bike seems to run a little better now but definitely needs to be rejetted so it will run cooler. I will order a jet kit this week. What are the popular mods for the 08 klx450r?? Thanks for your help.
  2. Woodman0007

    08 klx450r charging problems

    I just bought an 08 klx450r with a bad battery. replaced battery with a fully charged new one. What is the normal range for output? This one seems to not be working. Voltage stays around 12.6 Do they have charging issues?
  3. Woodman0007

    SFB flywheel weight rubbing cover??

    Bad enough you can barely kick it over. I made sure the slots were over the rivets like the instructions said. SFB had a note in the instructions to let them know if you had a rub. Makes me wonder if they have alot of trouble with it??
  4. I installed a SFB 13oz. flywheel weight on my 00 Yz 426 and replaced the cover with the on they provided and it rubs on the cutout area for the shifter. Has anyone had this problem?? What did you do to fix it or is this a mistake from SFB?? Thanks for your input.