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  1. Fair Enough Brian. I felt guilty the moment I hit send. I should know there is always more to the story. I shouldn't have whined and regret it. I slink back to my cave now...
  2. We continue to hear how bleak things are in the economy. How tough it is for small business. Called TT to order FCR carb today. Very polite young lady said they didn't have any in stock or a firm delivery date. Sometime mid Feb. I said, OK, let me order one and at least I'll be on the list. No, we don't do that. What? You mean take money from customers that want to buy your product. So how will I know when you have them in stock? Oh, just keep checking the website. Nice..... Now before you flame me, I'm sure there are all sorts of reasons why this business can't take my money and sell me their product. But, as a consumer, I don't care. If demand is greater than supply, increase supply or find new supply. It hurts the business, because 30 days gives the consumer plenty of time to change their mind or prioritize their spending and the business loses.
  3. KRMcKee

    DRZ FCR Carb Conversion

    Is it recommended that you buy a JD jet kit when purchasing the FCR carb kit from TT or is the carb jetted for a stock (09 SM) motor? Will I have to rejet with an FMF Q pipe? Thanks for your help.
  4. KRMcKee

    cr 125 forks onto a xr

    Do the forks include the triple clamps? Does the XR Caliper fit? Is there fab work or metal modicfication involved? Last but not least, How much? Thanks.
  5. KRMcKee

    Air Cells

    I put a set on an 04CRF 230 playbike and I can truly say that they made a huge difference. I just ordered another pair last night for an 04 XR250R. The only caveat, both the CRF and XR had pretty old suspension designs and the Aircells seem to help. I have an 03 CRF450R and haven't put them on it because I wonder how much better they could really make the 450. Sold the 230 and are doing the suspension on th XR. Tried to buy an Ohlins rear and couldn't find anyone with an application. Went Racetech on the front and Factory Connection on the rear. Who has some good XR stuff? How did you mount the CRF forks. Did you have to fabricate the triple clamps?
  6. KRMcKee

    works suspension

    Hi All, Looking for a source and an application for and Ohlins rear shock for a 2004 XR250R. I'v seen Ohlin's listed, but haven't seen an application for the XR.